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ClickAway Sunnyvale Store – Computer Repair + Phone Repair

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ClickAway Sunnyvale Computer Repair

Sunnyvale could be described as the beating heart of Silicon Valley, the home of some of the most exciting and cutting-edge companies in the world. Doesn’t it also deserve a great place to not only buy the best computers, tablets and all the products and services you need to stay ahead of the game, but to also have them serviced and upgraded? Luckily, at ClickAway Sunnyvale Computer Repair & Phone Repair Store, that’s exactly what you have.

In Sunnyvale, you have to make sure you are as up-to-date on tech matters as your customers- and that’s no easy task. Luckily, according to Sunnyvale’s Store Manager, we have that. “Our technicians come from a diverse array of technical backgrounds,” he explains. “Because of that, we can service any need the customer may have.” The knowledgeable staff is trained not to waste your time, but rather to match you with exactly the best product and service for your needs. “We are also eager to help tech newbies with a no-pressure approach, so they can find what they need, and not what they don’t.”

The staff here at Sunnyvale is more than just knowledgeable, and more than even just a team. “We’re like a big family.” And the kind of family cooperation shows. Other than ensuring very short-to-nonexistent wait times, he promises “quick turnaround, honest service, and the lowest price guaranteed.”

So come down to see us at 472 E El Camino Real. We’re conveniently located close to Fair Oaks. We might not be your home, but ClickAway Sunnyvale Computer Repair & Phone Repair Store is your home for the best tablets, computers, and computer repair. After all, don’t you want to have the coolest stuff of anyone in the breakroom?

Avoid the long lines, let ClickAway repair your Apple and PC devices and save time and money.

472 E. El Camino Real Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Phone: (408) 732-4500