Managed IT

Is your small or medium-sized business ready to move beyond an on-demand information technology support relationship to a managed IT relationship?
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Experienced symptoms

Your business is beginning to feel the need to hire someone to manage its information technology but either does not know how to go about it or cannot afford it yet.

Need for professional help

ClickAway provides managed IT services for your workstations, servers, network, and peripherals including remote monitoring, regularly scheduled operating system maintenance, data backups, security reviews, help desk, and on-call diagnosis and repair.

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Managed IT Services Provider

Comprehensive Managed IT Services for small businesses will keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly. We’ll take care of the technology nuts and bolts so your employees can stay on-mission supporting your customers. ClickAway can handle IT service management for small companies to heavier workloads for medium-sized businesses.

Already have internal IT staff? As us about IT project help or IT consulting. Our technical team will work with yours to carry together and share the load.

No long-term contracts. Cancel anytime. No strings attached

Free Consultation – see how we can save you money on your IT service management needs while giving you the results your business requires.

What we can do for you!

Monitoring, Support, Advice, Early-warnings, On-site service, System analysis, Business solutions, Networking Solutions and Cabling

Think about what your Bay Area or Northern California business does best. Think about what you bring to the table: vision, design, managerial excellence, creativity, drive, the ability to create something where there once was nothing. Does your list include managed it services near me and making sure that nothing goes wrong with them? Does it include making sure that your employees are always connected? Probably not. Most people don’t start a business hoping to sweat the technical side. That’s what your IT services should be: something that just works without you having to worry about it. With ClickAway’s IT service management, that’s what you’ll get.

Managed IT services take a sky-high view of what your network is doing, what it needs, where it wants to go, and how to get there.

Taking the Bird’s Eye View of Your System

We work with your business to allow it to grow without worrying about the underpinning infrastructure. It’s what we do best and we’re happy to offer all these services for a flat fee, based on how many servers, computers, and connections you have. We’re flexible enough to work with you. Check out our price calculator to easily get an idea of our flat fee!

ClickAway is a full-service computer repair, phone repair, network installation, and IT services company. Above all, we provide professional and helpful customer care for all your home, personal, or small business technology needs. ClickAway combines all your tech needs in one stop. We are just a click away for new purchases, repair service, or if you simply have a question.

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