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Specialist Managed IT Support, Empowering Businesses in San Francisco
ClickAway is a multi-skilled team of IT technicians, consultants, and engineers supporting businesses of every size throughout San Francisco.

With five physical locations in the Bay area, we offer tailored solutions and system design, continuous security monitoring, and full network administration – ensuring you can focus your time and energy on running your business.

Every business is distinctive, we offer a range of specialized packages designed to empower your operations, from freelancers and small offices to medium and larger enterprises.

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Affordable IT Support for Freelancers and Consultants

Don’t lose $1000’s, and suffer reputation damage all because of IT downtime. Make sure your tech is as reliable as you are. 

Downtime and glitches can be business-critical for owner-operated businesses, for whom a loss of a connection or inability to respond to customers is often disastrous. Using an experienced managed IT support service ensures you pre-empt any potential issues before they occur and receive complete backup assistance for all devices important to your business.

ClickAway’s teams support various operating systems and functions, from email monitoring to cloud-based storage, MWB antivirus protection, and ongoing management of platforms such as Office 365, Azure Active Directory, and Google Workspace.

All our monitoring, systems management, and security updates are completed remotely, ideal for busy consultants and freelancers who want the peace of mind that their systems are in safe hands.


Managed IT Solutions for Small San Francisco Businesses

On average small businesses lose $1,483 every 10-minutes for outages due to lost productivity, remediation costs, overtime, and IT repair.

Smaller enterprises lose roughly $1,500 for every ten minutes of downtime due to impacts, such as the costs of IT repairs and replacements for faulty cabling or hardware, lost sales opportunities, reputational damage, and staffing expenditures to recover from periods of inactivity.

Our small business packages are specifically created to support teams of three to six people. They provide budget-friendly IT management to cater to all your technical support requirements. This package includes assistance with software updates, antivirus defenses, onboarding and offboarding staff to new software suites as your workforce evolves, and setting up and managing your key operating systems.

Businesses benefit from continual monitoring, updates, and patches to ensure their key IT infrastructure remains protected from malware and data breach attempts, allowing you to concentrate on scaling your business with the assurance that your IT systems won’t let you down.


Professional IT Maintenance and Managed Support for Medium-Sized Companies

Average expense of downtime across industries is $5,600 per 1-minute. Revenue loss is a considerable risk the bigger your company gets.

Medium-sized companies experience varied challenges, which can generate downtime and recovery costs upwards of $5,600 per minute. Thus, it is essential to react swiftly and decisively to emerging security threats, issues impacting core devices or functions, and loss of connectivity that affects communication with customers, vendors, and partners.

As companies grow, so too do their IT-related risks, which makes specialist IT support an investment in continuity and digital protection. Our medium business managed IT support packages are highly competitive, intended for teams of six to 15 users, and including a dedicated file server for data security alongside strategic planning to ensure your business is primed for success.

Supporting businesses across San Francisco, and from our offices based in Almaden, Campbell, Los Altos, Santa Cruz, and Sunnyvale, we include a variety of added-value services with discounts for local clients. Medium sized clients receive all the support available for smaller companies with additional Absolute BIOS features that assist in secure device management ideal for location tracking and remote data wipes to quickly manage security compromises.


Comprehensive Silicon Valley IT Services for Large and Fast-Growth Organizations

Amazon’s 59-minute outage in 2021 cost them £34M in Sales. Google’s 45-minute outage in 2020 cost them $47M. 

Outages and downtime can catalyze severe outcomes, where larger corporations and organizations with more expansive workforces and multiple premises experience significant losses whenever their systems fail. Well-documented examples illustrate this, with Google reporting a loss of $47 million following a 45-minute outage in 2020, comparable to a £34 million cost of lost sales for Amazon when the marketplace went offline for less than an hour three years ago.

ClickAway’s large business support package is suited to organizations with 15+ users, ensuring that all networks, devices, and systems are working optimally. We also assist with regulatory compliance, with our on-demand IT helpdesk available 24/7 to deal with unforeseen issues or problems impacting your workforce or processes.

Regular meetings and reports enable us to deliver feedback, performance analytics, and insights into how each aspect of your organization-wide networks or functions are operating while allowing us to consult with decision-makers to develop bespoke IT strategies.

The Advantages of Professional Managed IT Support From the Local Experts

With five locations across Silicon Valley, our accomplished teams are on hand day and night, giving local businesses access to experienced IT support experts. We serve businesses of all sizes and across the sectors in Silicon Valley, Santa Cruz County, and Northern Monterey County, with the in-person support and capacity to handle issues, data threats, development opportunities, and commissioning projects no matter how complex or urgent.

Our managed IT support packages are aligned with each client’s key priorities and pressures, whether you need a more cost-effective software solution, want to stress-test your IT systems, or would benefit from unbiased advice about the right upgrades. Below, you’ll find summaries of some of our most popular managed IT support packages and what’s included.


$89 p/m

1 User 

Freelancer or Consultant IT Support

Designed for one primary user

Advanced MWB antivirus protection

Full application support

Ongoing system monitoring and patches

Independent hardware consultations

5% discounts against hardware repairs

Initial cloud-based setup

In-person support through our five local locations

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$499 p/m

Up To 6 Users

IT Support

All services, software, and support as before plus:

Employee onboarding and offboarding

10% discount on all hardware repairs

Monthly tech performance reporting

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$999 p/m

Up to 15 Users

Competitive Assistance from IT Support Professionals

All services, software, and support as before plus:

Additional BIOS Lock security features

15% discounts on all hardware repairs

Offsite fully managed service

Quarterly reviews and checkups with our tech team

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$1500+ p/m

15+ Users

Pricing Based on Number of Devices or Workstations

All services, software, and support as before plus:

20% discount on all hardware repairs

On-demand ticketing support system

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Why Introduce Outsourced IT Security From a Professional Team?

Managed IT support is an end-to-end service designed to provide businesses at all life cycles with the assurance that their IT systems, devices, security, and connectivity are managed, supervised, and tracked by experienced technicians and engineers. Our teams proactively implement updates and security patches as they become available.

Keep Your Tech & Data Safe

The addition of IT disaster recovery support and data backups safeguard business-critical and sensitive data from unauthorized access while ensuring that your business can respond quickly to emergencies or cybersecurity threats, keeping data safe, secure, and under constant monitoring.

Data security and hacking attacks are among the biggest priorities for many businesses, including those in sectors focused on innovation, digital services, and software development. Proactive and robust controls are essential to long-term success.

Making Informed IT Investment Decisions With Unbiased Recommendations

ClickAway offers dual assistance with software and hardware, ranging from IT remote support, monitoring, and maintenance, to tailored IT procurement consultancies to help you make tactical decisions about when and how to transition to more agile solutions.

Our IT support packages include comprehensive diagnostics to get to the root cause of any downtime that impacts your hardware, with discounts on repairs as required. We can also provide strategic reviews of your entire IT infrastructure to assist with new projects, ensuring you have the speed and capacity to fulfill your business objectives.

Managed IT Support

Free IT Consultations for Local Businesses Across Silicon Valley, Santa Cruz, and Northern Monterey

We often speak with businesses in the area who recognize vulnerabilities in their IT security or issues that mean glitches, outages, or downtime are costly and cause no end of disruption. Whether you have an in-house IT team and would benefit from independent recommendations and training to improve the skills available or wish to organize a complimentary discussion with one of the ClickAway team, we are here to help.

Please get in touch at any time, and we’ll discuss your current IT setup, the services that would prove most beneficial, or your internal IT facilities and know-how to advise on the best way forward.

What to Expect From ClickAway’s Bay Area Managed IT Services 

We are proud to have a longstanding reputation for exceptional service, supporting and working over the long-term with local businesses, from ambitious startups looking for future-proof tech systems to multinational corporations with a trading arm here in Silicon Valley, who require precise, on-demand assistance and proactive security monitoring.

Each of our support packages is designed to offer the perfect balance of affordability and professional assistance, whether you need to safeguard your digital assets against cyber criminals, want to reduce your IT overheads or gain independent advice from a knowledgeable local team who can consult with you at our offices or yours, via our remote IT service desk or through our IT on-site support teams.

ClickAway’s teams offer over two decades of experience. We remain a family-owned business built on a foundation of honesty, reliability, and innovation – our primary aim is to help your business leverage the advantage of agile, forward-thinking tech to achieve your aspirations.

Almaden Store - IT Support

Exploring ClickAway’s In-Person Offices and Stores

While many diagnostic, troubleshooting, security patching, and monitoring services are delivered 100% remotely for maximum efficiency, we also provide one-on-one and in-person support through our five local locations. This is ideal for businesses that need the dual advantages of optimized remote IT assistance partnered with quick responsiveness from a localized IT hardware support team to tackle issues firsthand.

Expert Managed IT Services, San Jose

We offer full-scope IT support across San Jose from our base in Almaden, which acts as our corporate headquarters. Serving the immediate area, we work with commercial clients throughout Morgan Hill, Hollister, San Juan Bautista, and San Martin, as well as South and East San Jose.

Professional IT Support in Los Altos and the Bay Area

Drop into our Los Altos offices at your convenience. We are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our technicians and IT consultants can show you around, discuss our managed IT and training services, and showcase the wide array of tech solutions available in-house.

Choosing Targeted IT Support in Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale clients can book an online appointment at our store on E El Camino Real at any time or drop in to request a free quotation or to discuss their ongoing IT management requirements. The ClickAway team in Sunnyvale works with businesses of all sizes, including those in Newark, Fremont, Milpitas, Cupertino, Mountain View, and Santa Clara.

Managed IT Services for Santa Cruz Businesses

Our expansive Santa Cruz base provides IT assistance and managed IT services to business clients and enterprises throughout Santa Cruz County and Northern Monterey County. Based at 303 Potrero, we offer a complete range of IT support and collaborate with local companies, large and small.

Specialist IT Security Support for Campbell, SA

Our flagship Campbell store was our first ever location, and is located on E McGlincy Lane, with extended late-night opening hours during the week to provide access to professional IT assistance. With plenty of parking available immediately outside our modern store, business owners and managers are welcome to drop in to talk with one of our commercial and corporate IT specialists at any time.