What are the biggest challenges of working from home?

Technology & Internet Hiccups – Challenges of Working From Home

Nothing makes a remote worker shake in fear as much as an internet outage. Or, perhaps, when your computer breaks. Both are your problems to solve and are significant challenges of working from home.

Many couples have worked remotely for years and by far the biggest challenge is being able to rely on a stable and fast internet connection. Sure, you do your research ahead of time, but that doesn’t mean that the speed and stability is guaranteed, particularly in developing countries.

Many public Wi-Fi hotspots can also be spotty. And even with a decent internet connection, video conferencing apps aren’t always reliable, so virtual meetings can be an exercise in frustration.

For peace of mind, and to avoid delays in your work, have a backup plan. A mobile hotspot device like a MiFi or a cell phone plan that allows tethering can save you when your internet goes out. A backup computer, or maybe even a tablet, can get you through the day until you can get your computer fixed. ClickAway has been making house call since 2002 and we can also remote in to your computer for a quick look or fix.

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