How to check iPad battery health?

Let’s answer the question “how to check iPad battery health?” If you’re like a lot of us, you relentlessly charge your iPad even if doing so might be hurting the iPad battery over the long-term. You think to yourself, “It needs to stay charged,” as you look over at your iPad left plugged in for the last Read More »

How to clear cache on iPad?

Why You Should Clear Cache On iPad & How To Do It Deleting Safari cache can help when a website doesn’t work correctly and clearing data will free up extra space, but can make websites load slower. Apple iPad is a tablet, but in many ways it works like a computer. This means that some Read More »

How much to repair iPad screen?

To answer the question “how much to repair iPad screen,” we have to start with Apple. According to Apple, if your iPad issue is covered under our warranty you won’t pay a fee. Otherwise, repairs are considered out of warranty (and not covered) when: Your iPad is no longer covered by the Apple warranty. Your Read More »