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ClickAway is licensed and insured, and has been a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau since October 2003. We enjoy an A+ status with BBB.


San Jose Mercury News readers voted ClickAway the Best Place for Computer Repair in 2015 and in prior years as well. With 674,000 readers, the Merc is the source for Bay Area information.

San Jose Mercury News

Excellent service. Eddy recovered 100% of my data. I didn't back up my info in 6 years and I had all the pics of my baby. Eddy returned every call, always super helpful and professional. They are even cheaper than other places that l found. Very happy with the results, they made a scary experience a good one.

Nayelli T.

The services here are great. Eddy was really helpful. You can ask all the questions, and make sure you do, and he will answer all questions. All my data is recovered! It is a plus that they accept coupons!

An V.

This place is a life saver! We have brought numerous computers here for various issues and all of them have been resolved. The service is great and they don't even charge to do a diagnostic to see what needs to be done. Eddy was so helpful and answers any and all questions you may have. If you're having computer issues don't hesitate to give them a call! They can fully recover data from almost any ruined computer. Definitely worth a try.

Lake L.

I have used ClickAway many times over the years and have been very impressed with their level of service and competence which, unfortunately, is becoming increasingly rare. I used ClickAway in the past with my Windows computers but have since moved to Apple products only. Special thanks to Eddie who recently recovered all my files (including many irreplaceable photos) and extended the life of my 2009 MacBook Pro by putting in solid state memory. A great relief, much appreciated ClickAway.

Jim T.

ClickAway store in Los Altos was very professional and had the capability of recovering lost data from my corrupted external hard drive. I'd use them again!

Rohnnie T.

Super helpful, straight talking assistance. I took my computer in after it got wet and they recovered the data. Sadly, the computer was a loss but they were very nice about it and made suggestions when I asked how to shop for a new one.


Lawrence is THE MAN! Our laptop dropped so my husband took it to the Apple guys over the hill and they informed him they could save either, my sons baby pictures or my screenplay...So I took it to Lawrence & he rescued it all as well revamped my new machine with all its glorious features! Lawrence, you're a hero! no question...take your machine to this guy.

Gary M.

I have done business with SC ClickAway for many years. On two of those occasions, they were able to rescue my data and programs from a crashed hard drive on a couple of my laptops. The most recent was today. Ivan Christopher Cardoso (Chris) is the Man! He completely transferred all of my info from a virtually ruined HP hard drive to my new Lenovo and it is working perfectly. (I'm using it to post this yelp.) Chris explained every aspect of what he did in layman's terms, gave good advice on operating systems, and imparted some useful philosophy on the challenges of change. Chris's skill and sense of attentive professionalism is representative of each of the staff that I've come in contact with. The Manager has hired well! Thank you to all at our local ClickAway!

Steve H.

I highly recommend this place for computer repair and data recovery. After a Windows 10 update, my PC lost internet connectivity and erased all my apps and programs. Ashor Sharlo helped me fixing everything for reasonable price. He worked thoroughly and fast keeping me informed every step of the way. I am very satisfied with the service.

Karen C.

Ashor is awesome!! I thought I had lost everything on my computer and he worked with me to get it all back. So helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating. I can't say enough, I'm so grateful!! I'll be returning to the Almaden location whenever I have any issues. It was also very reasonably priced.

Nicolla H.

I took my broken computer here to get the information and data off of it. My family and I trust this place to take care of our electronics. Ashor helped me. We corresponded through text which was great and he was very flexible and willing to help. They aren't pushy and will help you get exactly what you want. Their prices are great and I love that they are open and honest and you get a free diagnostic. Thank you Click Away!

Laura S.

These guys are great, best place for data recovery and computer repair. Thanks to Ashor I got my computer fix and all my data. I highly recommend this ClickAway. Thanks Ashor and ClickAway.

Gorgez E.

What a great experience at this location. Ashor Sharlo helped me to fixed my mac for a very reasonable pricing and did a complimentary recovered my data from my old hard drive. I highly recommend using their service. Ashor Sharlo followed through and guided me on what's best to fix my mac laptop.

Lan T.

Amazing! I just got back most of my data that I had been told by others I might as well forget about. It took them a while to do it. Trying to recover the most current data from a drive that has been in use for over 5 years and had been reformatted twice before isn't something that is done overnight. Eddy was very good about communicating what was happening and what was needed. He also kept me up to date on the progress once they had begun, the price was reasonable too! I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone!

Lee W.

ClickAway is a life savior. I had a broken hard drive that Apple could not save so I was desperate to recover my data as I had a lifetime of photos, videos, and music on my laptop. ClickAway was able to do a full data recovery that was in my budget as a college student. Ashor was very helpful and accommodating. Couldn't have asked for a better service. Thanks ClickAway!

Megan C.

Fixed my computer's broken hard drive and saved my data.

Theo V.

Bhim was friendly, responsive, and very helpful. I needed to recover the data from my daughter's laptop's hard drive after she spilled water over it and it stopped working. He recovered all the data in about five hours and even stayed open a little late for me to get there to retrieve the new hard drive. Thank you!!


When my computer crashed, Bhim did a great job of recovering all my data and placing it on my backup computer. I highly recommend his work.

Mike B.

These guys recovered data from a hard drive for me over night when I had to leave for a business trip the next day. It wasn't cheap but their tech called me at 11 pm after completing the work. That's dedication! Thanks, guys.

Malcom B.

We worked with Nick. He was awesome and retrieved all the data from a failed drive and did everything as cost effectively and quickly as possible. I highly recommend these guys if you ever lose data or need a PC fixed, etc. Best customer service ever - and I'm not joking.

Vinny L.

Chris went above and beyond to retrieve data from my husband's laptop hard drive, install a new hard drive, reinstall data, and update applications. Astonishingly quick, friendly service, geared appropriately to the individual customer. Very grateful!

Sybil M.

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Recover Lost Files, Photos & Data

Since 2002, ClickAway has been the industry leader to recover lost files in near you with over a 98% success rate.  We are so confident in our service, we offer a money back guarantee to ensure if you're not satisfied with the results, you don't pay a dime.

And like all of our services we offer, you will never be asked to pay for a diagnosis, estimate, shipping, pick up or drop off fees.

Your personal photos are often the most valuable digital assets you own, arguably taking precedent over vital business documents and records.

Since 2002, ClickAway has brought to life thousands of photo albums that were once believed gone forever. Even after being told by other companies that you would not be able to recover lost files, ClickAway has been successful.

For most people, damage resulting from fires, floods, malware infections and accidental disk wipes may seem like the end of your data and a reason to panic.  But for ClickAway technicians, these are typical recovery scenarios successfully tackled on a daily basis.

opens in a new windowYou name it, we've seen it, and we can save and recovery lost files.

Visit one of our 6 convenient locations in California, or let us come to you.  We offer free pick up and drop off.  Not local?  No problem!  ClickAway will send you a free expedited shipping label and packaging instructions.  We will even ship your device back at no charge, whether or not you pay for recovery services.

Data recovery in business and server environments brings a plethora of new challenges and complexities to recovery lost files such as:

  • RAID storage arrays.
  • Antiquated or proprietary file systems.
  • Monolithic databases.
  • Encrypted files and file systems.

Many companies will turn away such challenges, and often refer them to specialists such as ClickAway.  We love these tough jobs, and have the experience and resources to handle anything that comes our way.

Opening a hard drive in a standard office atmosphere exposes your drive's delicate components to a wide array of contaminates.  A single dust particle on your disk is all it takes to cause catastrophic and irreversible damage to your data.

Because of this, ClickAway offers data recovery services performed in a Certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom Environment conforming to Federal Cleanroom Standards.

Cyber criminals sunk to an all time low when they released ransomware into the wild.  Ransomware encrypts your data and holds it hostage until you pay a hefty fee, sometimes over $10,000.  Unsurprising to most, paying the ransom often does not solve the problem as the criminals will take the money and run, leaving you stranded.

Refuse to fund these terrorists, and come to us.  We have you covered. ClickAway has helped countless clients recover their data and avoid paying hefty ransomware fees.

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Recover Lost Files - Service Includes:

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Our Lost File Recovery Service Includes:

  • Determine the reason for the data loss and how much data we can recover. We have a high rate of success, but there are some cases where all data may not be recovered.  Our technicians will guide you through the process and explain the level of damage to your data and the options available.  This is all included in the free evaluation process.
  • Recover your data from your Mac or PC laptop, desktop, tablet, or other external hard drives due to damage caused by electrical or physical damage to a hard drive, or other factors such as viruses or malware.
  • Recover missing or corrupted individual files from your computer.
  • Repair your computer, or help you obtain and set up a new one.
  • Advise you on ways to backup your data safely so in the event of a future crash, your information is protected.
  • Transfer files from just about any device to any device.

Those family photos and digital memories, that novel you were working on, or the proposal for your most important client appear to be gone forever. We know that a crashed hard drive can be devastating to your personal and work life. ClickAway works quickly to recover your priceless data and lost files so you can get back to work or share those memorable images with your family and friends.

Data recovery is not a “do it yourself” project. Before you invest time and money in software programs that claim to recover data, you need to know that this is a complex undertaking best left to the experts. Our experienced ClickAway data recovery specialists have the right tools and extensive knowledge to recover the missing data from your hard drive.

You can’t put a price tag on the value of family photos or important contracts, but we can help you get them back for as low as $29. A final estimate can be provided once we determine the scope of the project and the reason for the data loss. Recovery depends on many factors and we can determine the best solution to get your information back where it belongs.

We understand that your data is personal and we respect your privacy. You can trust that all of your personal information will be kept confidential and stored in a safe manner. ClickAway is proud to be the service you can trust. Just opens in a new windowwatch some of what we have repaired since 2002.