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All types of wiring and cabling for your home or business. Voice, Data, Video, CAT5 & more.

For whatever reason, modernist architecture never really caught on in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Instead, it’s a place that celebrates a unique approach to building, and our hills and mountains only reinforce the odd angles that we celebrate. Unfortunately, that isn’t so great for internet connections, especially wireless signals that need to go around corners and find the computer or handheld device they’re beaming to. If you have a growing family, have done renovations, or need to have more computers hooked up for your home business needs, you need the home network cabling experts at ClickAway to get you set up.

Home network cabling is running the wires so that you are connected and have a strong signal in every room for every computer and wireless device, whether that is running cables directly to your computers or wiring your house for unbroken wifi connections. We’re more than happy to go through crawl spaces, in the attic, or under the house to make sure you don’t have unsightly wires and cables everywhere.

We will:

  • Run cables to computers in your office, kitchen, or bedroom
  • Wire the house for wireless access points
  • Install cabling during the renovation/remodel or initial building process

Our certified technicians start as low as $89 an hour. Remember that no job is too small. If you have a home business and can’t get proper signal or connection, don’t think it isn’t worth it to call us. Even one slow computer can have a huge effect on work or school life. The home network cabling experts at ClickAway want to make sure that you are as fast and powerful as possible. Call us today or schedule an appointment online!

Smart Home Installation

ClickAway technicians also do Smart Home installation and repair services, connecting all the devices in your home.

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