Home Server Upgrades

Newer, Faster, and Better

When your Bay Area/Northern California home business or small office is ready to expand, or when you just need to add more computers onto a system thanks to a growing family or for any other reason, you may need to upgrade your server. An old server can cause more problems than it is worth. It may be at risk of breaking down, causing you to lose data and possibly even clients. When it is time for a home server upgrade, you can turn to the experts at ClickAway.

Server Upgrade: Our server upgrades start at just $299. When moving from a slower and less reliable server to a faster and more powerful one, you want to know that it is being installed by expert technicians who can help ensure business continuity and data protection. That’s the ClickAway guarantee.

Data Migration: When upgrading your server, you have to make sure your data moves from one server to the next; otherwise, it is like buying a bigger photo album but not moving the pictures into it. Our data migration experts can safely transfer your important data starting at $129 an hour. Final price is dependent on these factors:

  • Exchange
  • Number of users
  • Amount of data
  • Number of databases that need to be moved

Don’t be slowed down by a server that’s not adequate to handle the needs of your growing household or small business. Use ClickAway’s expert home server upgrades and data migration team to keep you connected and in control.