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For most of history, “data security” meant a vault or safe, or maybe some big guys with clubs. The idea that someone thousands of miles away could steal your hard work and ruin your business would have been laughable. Of course, as we see almost daily on the news, network security services have become a major part of the modern business world. Hackers, crackers, and other black hat agents can take down your business just because an employee uses his name as a password. At ClickAway, our network & server security works to prevent that kind of disaster.

Our network security experts assess your needs, particular threats, and vulnerabilities inside your system.  Similarly, these can be both external or internal, and they can range from compromised hardware to an actual assault. Depending on your business, our basic or advanced packages can be tailored to your needs. Above all, you have the security you need without compromising the flexibility you require to get your work done.

Network Security Services Include:

  • Antivirus, antispam, and antispyware software.
  • Individual or multiple hardware or software firewalls. This guards you from hackers and from spyware.
  • Employee guidelines. Not everyone is an expert in network security and employees make mistakes. We work with you to set up protocols to reduce human error.
  • Setup and installation of a Virtual LAN (VLAN) with separate and masked IP addresses to maximize the security, flexibility, and performance of your local area network.

Making Sure Your Data Is Under Lock and Key

Mitigating the growing number of threats to IT security can be a daunting task. Performing a security assessment can provide the critical insight and data you need to develop an effective cyber security strategy for your organization. In addition, if you are a government contractor or sub-contractor, you must now provide evidence as to how you are protecting Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) in order to show FAR/DFARS compliance.

ClickAway’s security assessment identifies risks. After that, our award winning technicians get to work repairing existing controls or advising more effective ones. This enables you to make smarter decisions about your current security profile and any potential new investments that are required. Most IT teams lacks the expertise, resources or bandwidth to manage security assessment initiatives. ClickAway provides the know-how and expertise to fill the gaps.

It’s an uncertain world and no one knows what the next big threat will be. But we know that proper protocols, the right software, and vigilance work against those who wish to hurt your business. In other words, our network security solutions give you the peace of mind to do what you do best. At ClickAway, our business is your business.