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ClickAway Tracy in Tracy CA offers Verizon wireless plans, cell phones, cell phone repair, computers, computer repair and computer networking.

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ClickAway Tracy – Verizon Store + Phone Repair + Computer Repair

At the corner of Corral Hollow Rd & 11th, in the Safeway Shopping Center next to Starbucks

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Tracy has the motto, “Think Inside the Triangle”, which is a neat twist on thinking outside the box. And when you’re in the Triangle, you want to think with the help of cutting-edge technology that keeps you constantly connected. At ClickAway Mobile, we want to help you, which is why we are your home for all the new Verizon phones and products to keep you on top.
There are a few things no one likes when shopping: a pushy sales staff, long waits, and not being able to get what you want. At our Tracy store, we know that, and we offer you the opposite. No-pressure sales, a wide variety of products, and a short wait time designed to get you in, get you what you need, and get you on with your day, sporting your new Verizon phone.

Tracy’s Store Manager wants you to know that when you come to see us, you have plenty to do to have a full day- and plenty to eat. “Have a sip of coffee at Starbucks or grab a sandwich at Togo’s and slide right next door to view the very latest in mobile technology!” But you may not need food after all- when asked how long the wait times were at his store, he emphasized “non-existent!” That speaks to the teamwork and dedication you’ll find at his Tracy store.

So come to see us in the Safeway Shopping Mall next to the Starbucks, at 1863 W. 11th Street. We’re your one-stop shop for all the new Verizon phones and products you need to stay ahead of the game, no matter what side of the Triangle you’re on!

Avoid the long lines, let ClickAway repair your Apple and PC devices and save time and money.

1863 W 11th Street Tracy, CA 95376
Phone: (209) 221-4398