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ClickAway Los Gatos in Los Gatos CA offers Verizon wireless plans, cell phones, cell phone repair, computers, computer repair and computer networking.

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ClickAway Los Gatos – Verizon Store + Phone Repair + Computer Repair

At the corner of Los Gatos Almaden Rd, next to Nob Hill

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The heart of Silicon Valley is not the place to have yesterday’s technology. The smart shoppers of Los Gatos know that they want only the best, and you can get the best Verizon phones and services at ClickAway Mobile. Staying connected has never been so easy.
At our Los Gatos store, we believe there is only one way to treat a customer: with the utmost respect for their needs and their time. There is no second-best way to do things. When you are looking for the best Verizon phones and services, you want to be treated with respect. And that’s what we pledge.

“Being able to help others learn about technology and showing customers the fascinating things one can do with new technology,” says Los Gatos’ Store Manager when asked what the best part about working at ClickAway Mobile was, emphasizing the personal care you’ll receive. And when asked what made her store stand out, she was quick to reply with a list of things you can expect if you visit us in Los Gatos. “Friendly, honest, efficient, knowledgeable employees who create a better experience for our customers.”

So for the best Verizon phones, plans, and products in Los Gatos, come visit us at:

15712 Los Gatos Boulevard (at the Almaden Intersection)
Los Gatos, CA 95032

We’re conveniently located next to Nob Hill Foods, and while we can’t fill your belly, we can fill your heart with the joy of being on the front line of technology.

Avoid the long lines, let ClickAway repair your Apple and PC devices and save time and money.

ClickAway Los Gatos – Verizon Store + Phone Repair + Computer Repair
Phone: (408) 358-3999

15712 Los Gatos Blvd
Los Gatos, CA 95032