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For anyone born before, say, 1980, the idea that email can be passe or old-fashioned is still a bit mind-blowing. Social media, texts, and IMs have overtaken it as the best way to get ahold of someone right away, and email is, in the popular imagination, as old-fashioned as snail mail or the telegraph. But Bay Area business owners, as surrounded as we are by new technology, know that isn’t true. Email is still a vital, and indeed the primary, means of communication for internal and external business matters. ClickAway’s network email solutions can help you make the most of it.

The ubiquity of email has cause a lot of business owners to treat it as an afterthought, but the kind of email system you choose will have a major impact on your bottom line on a daily basis. You have to choose a system that’s right for you, whether it’s on a server or in the cloud. Both have their benefits and the two are increasingly interchangeable.

Cloud-based Emails

Web-based email was the predecessor of the cloud, but for a long time it was limited for business purposes. It didn’t allow for the proper sharing of documents or a way to sync calendars. That has changed, though, and through systems like Google Apps and Drive and Microsoft Office Online, the traditional email server has migrated to the cloud, bringing with it nearly unlimited access for your employees.

Exchange Server Emails

More traditional offices are still going with exchange server emails, which allow for greater control and sharing features and offers tight security that is still being developed in the cloud environment. Increasingly, exchange servers offer outside access so employees can work from the road or from home.

The Internet’s Oldest Gift and Its Current Use

The office is changing, moving from one central place to a delocalized, decentralized area with a thousand hubs. Your email has to be able to keep up with that. By offering great pricing plans and by taking account the needs of your business, ClickAway’s email solutions help get you the communication tools you need to stay successful. Your business is our business.  Just look at all the opens in a new windowClickAway Repairs Computers