Data Transfer

Data Transfer

ClickAway data transfer technicians move your data to your new computer, storage device or server fast. Don't lose your files. Get it done today.

ClickAway's data migration service can ensure seemless data transfer from phones, computers and servers. We have more than 16 years experience with both PC and Apple brands and have server specialists. Starting at $69 for the first 4GB, our prices are low and our service is top. Data transfer is a risky but essential part of most change programs.  Ensure your success with ClickAway's experienced data specialists. Whether your data is in the cloud, on a hard drive or stored off-site, we will ensure your data is safely moved to your new devices.

Why Would You Need A Data Transfer Service?

  1. You plan to give away or sell your old computer.  It’s important not to let your data get into the wrong hands. Even though the hard drive on your old computer can be wiped, it is easy for people with the right skills to retrieve almost any wiped data. If you do want to sell your old computer, you may want ClickAway to completely and permanently wipe the old hard drive for you.
  2. Your data isn’t backed up.  Not having a backup is like taking trapeze lessons without a safety net. If you don’t have a backup system for your data or if you aren’t sure if it is working properly, ClickAway can transfer your data safely for you. We can also set you up with a reliable backup service so that you’re safe from any future data mishaps.
  3. You want it done fast and without errors. Sure, you can figure out how to transfer all your files. However, you don't have time and want to get up and running on your new computer quickly.
  4. You may have other problems with your computer.  If your old computer has missing data, odd error messages or is making unhealthy sounds, there may be a serious issue with your old computer’s hard drive or operating system. You may even have a virus which could be transmitted to your new computer. If something seems off, we have the data transfer experts that know how to get your data moved safely.

data transfer service

File Cloning

Clone old hard drive files exactly where you need them to be, keeping programs and data intact: Don’t worry!  Even when we replace a failing hard drive, we can usually clone its contents to a new one.  No confusion, no missing files, no disruption!  Just $99 in-store!

ClickAway is a full-service computer repair, phone repair, network installation and IT services company. Above all, we provide professional and helpful customer care for all your home, personal, or small business technology needs. ClickAway combines all your tech needs in one stop. We are just a click away for new purchases, repair service or if you simply have a question.

How to Transfer Data From PS4 to PS5 and Other Gaming Devices?

We can help you with gaming data transfer. Schedule a remote session today with one of our technicians.

How to Transfer Data From iPhone to iPhone?

Yes, we do cell phone data transfer too. If you're having difficulty, tired of waiting in line at Apple or just want an expert to handle your new phone correctly, call ClickAway.