How to get a better WIFI connection

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The WIFI extender, WIFI 6 & more. Can we get it right in 2021? More than ever, we depend on WIFI for work, school, and fun. Finally, WIFI smart improvements are here We can’t underestimate the value of a good WIFI connection. Without it, it’s nearly impossible to work from home, binge-watch Outlander, kill all the Read More »

Windows 10 error when trying to print?

windows 10 error

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If you’ve encountered a recent blue screen of death after updating your Windows 10, it’s not you but a Windows 10 error bug in the update. According to Microsoft, there is an issue with the most recent Windows 10 update causing the blue screen when attempting to print documents on certain printers. Reports vary but Read More »

Is Your Laptop Overheating?

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If your laptop is overheating and it’s running at max capacity, it will try to reduce its performance to stay cool. You could be in for many frustrating hours of refreshing the Internet, waiting for your documents to load, and staring at that dreaded rainbow-hued spinning wheel. If you don’t want to waste time, invest in your laptop now by cleaning the keyboard every other week and the fans at least once a month. For a deep clean, ClickAway recommends every 6 months. For power users, we recommend once a quarter. Our free diagnostic comes in handy here.

How To Fix Common Zoom Problems

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Zoom is more popular than ever and has become a household name. Be it distance learning, working from home or online socializing, entertainment and fitness, Zoom is not without problems. Bugs and issues can get in the way of your Zoom experience. Luckily, most Zoom problems you can fix yourself. Of course, a ClickAway technician Read More »