Ignore iMessage or Apple Call re iCloud Breach – Scammers

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iCloud Breach

Today, one of our clients kept getting these strange iMessages, claiming an iCloud breach and requesting their Apple password. Thankfully, she gave us a quick call and we were able to tell her to ignore the iMessages, that they were attempts by scammers to piggyback on reports of alleged breaches in iCloud security. This, of course, never occurred. So please, tell your family, friends and colleagues to ignore such scam security attempts. When in doubt, give ClickAway as call. We are an Apple Authorized service center so our technicians stay on top of current viruses and scam attempts. Another article from MacWorld about a similar iCloud breach scam attempt also provides some insight.

Today, Apple security breach scam is technical support scam targeted at Mac users. Usually, such type of cyber threats aim at Windows OS, but this time scammers pretend to be Apple technicians that can help to save supposedly stolen personal information and pictures. However, calling the provided number is not recommended. The security warning displayed on the compromised website is fake.

Usually, APPLE SECURITY BREACH pop up shows up in the browser when some potentially unwanted program (PUP) gets installed on the device. Typically, redirects to the tech support scam website are triggered by adware. This ad-supported application can modify Chrome’s, Firefox’s or Safari’s settings in order to open new browser tabs and show a fake message.

The Apple security breach scam website claims that there is an iOS security crash which might compromise your personal data and pictures. Likewise, the victims are urged to call via toll-free 1 800 711 9001 number to Apple Support. ClickAway also provides expert advise and knowhow. In the Bay Area, ClickAway is the top computer repair, phone repair and data security service. Call us at 800-960-9030.

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