Android Shortcuts That Can Simplify Your Life

Figuring out your cell phone can be challenging, particularly if you are not prone to using shortcuts. Android has a slew of shortcuts to make using your smartphone easier than ever, particularly since most phone models comes with a manual with enough directions to satisfy a college textbook. Check out a few of these little known shortcuts to make your smartphone even smarter:

  • You can easily utilize voice activation: This is great for those of you that still drive and text, which is a huge no-no for safety reasons. If you are driving and need to send a text from your Android phone, press and hold (for just a second or two) the “Search” button on your phone (this is the Magnifying glass looking icon) and then speak into your phone. This allows you to voice out texts you want to send, get directions and send emails.
  • Copy text blocks from websites: If you need to save a bit of information from a website, ‘Droid employs a shortcut that makes it easy to do so. Simply open the page and zoom in a bit. Then, do a long press at the beginning of the text that you which to highlight and drag until the end of the text block. When you let go, you will see a menu pop up that allows you to copy the text and place/save it elsewhere on your phone.
  • Get that nifty power strip icon: Android has a nifty icon that allows you to control some of the aspects of your phone that most easily drain your battery. However, if you’ve never used it – or if you don’t even know about it – then you certainly don’t know how to get to it. To get this widget, do a long press on the Home screen and then select “Widget Control.” This icon might also read “Power Control.” When you add it, you can then turn on and off battery-draining programs and devices with one little tap to your smartphone.

There are a ton of other Android shortcuts out there and it is well worth the research in order to more effectively learn how to utilize your phone and its various features.

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