Take A Screen Shot on Your Cell Phone

Screen ShotTaking a screen shot from your cell phone is a common question we get at our ClickAway stores. Often, it’s someone who wants to capture their airline boarding pass so it’s readily available and accessible in the security line, rather than hoping there’s a signal to retrieve it wirelessly. Others want to capture a map or text message. All of these are pretty easy on Androids and iPhones.

Screen Shot With an iPhone

Press the Home key at the same time as the Lock or Power button. A flash will occur and you will hear the shutter sound. That’s it. To bring up the screen image, open the camera or photo app. The image will be in your camera roll.

On Newer Androids Like Galaxy S4, HTC 1, & Galaxy Note

Press the power and the home button at the same time. You will see a flash boarder and hear a capture sound. You will also see a note on the upper left corner saying, “capturing screenshot”. The images are saved in the gallery in a screenshot album. One of the new features on the Galaxy phones is the ability to swipe your hand edge across the phone from left to right to capture the screen as well.

On Older Androids

Taking screen images on older Androids requires an app such as Screenshot Ultimate (free) or No Root Screenshot ($5).

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