Desk envy & the home office: Remote work spaces we love

The goal is to feel normal amid the chaos

With more than half the US population continuing to stay home, remote work staff are reevaluating their work space. When the order first came out, many rushed to adapt their existing home offices, while others set up shop at their kitchen table, couch and even the ironing board as a standup desk. But with sheltering timeframes extended, it’s worth making sure your space is comfortable and efficient and maybe has just a little bit of appeal.

When you’re working from home, the best way to increase productivity is to go big with the components you interact with the most: Display, keyboard, and mouse. Having a top-notch remote work space can make or break your home office space. But that doesn’t mean you have to go fully utilitarian in your home. Let’s see what others have done. Perhaps it will inspire you to step up your home office game.

video editing home office setup

The Video Guy

The video editor that needs to do remote work always starts with computer power first. We often see a 27-inch 5K iMac with a quad-core I5 and 40 gigs of RAM. And to tune out the neighbor’s construction project, blue tooth headphones with a long battery life fit the bill. 

The keyboard and mouse are perhaps the most crucial part for the editor. A wireless mouse, such as Logitech G502, has extra buttons, making the editing process faster. For keyboards, there are some that have a variety of RGB modes. But if your roommate or significant other also works from home, your keyboard may need to be uber quiet first. 

Other special needs for the editor may be a better camera for video conferencing, a standing desk, a more comfortable office chair, an external hard drive or a charging hub.

a stylish home office design

The Fashion Muse

TV presenter and designer, Alexa Chung, shared her classy office on Instagram and immediately got over 65,000 likes. Her rules for a stylish set up include:

  1. Display fresh flowers. Incorporating nature, she says, helps add beauty and a feel-good effect on the brain. Look for them in grocery stores, farmers markets or have them delivered if your local shop is not opened.
  2. Keep it simple. Don’t overwhelm your desk with clutter. Less is more for a clean, yet elegant look.
  3. Display your best books. Follow Alexa who chooses no more than six books to display on her desk. 
  4. Statement lighting. Why use a stainless steel office light when a statuesque lamp will look so much better?
  5. Pretty cushions. Let’s face it. Ergonomic office chairs are expensive and ugly. Try revamping a cute chair with a comfy, yet cool-looking cushion.
home office setup design example

The Corporate Taskmaster

A good home office workspace reflects your personality while being streamlined for doing the actual job. For the corporate doer, it also means being so comfortable you may never want to leave. Here is where you do video calls, create content, think, read and write. 

  1. Vertical Space. Your room is probably not getting any bigger so take advantage of vertical space. A shelf is one thing but maybe one of those tv units could work for added storage or a pegboard to hold cables and such. 
  2. Solid-state drive. Make sure you have a massive amount of space to hold all of your active projects. 
  3. Decent lighting – Consider adding Philips hue Play Lights behind a monitor to reduce eye strain. These smart devices are controlled via an app from your phone as well.
small home office 2
Photo by The Lightning Judge

Look For Inspiration

Beautiful home offices don’t have to cost an arm and leg. Many make use of old furniture and uncommon surfaces. Here are 19 suggestions from the Remodelista blog. Take a look at, the online magazine focused on interior design and its tips for decorating a home office.

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