Tips To Protect a Phone

It fell in the pool, beer spilled on it, you dropped it down the stairs or your dog grabbed it. At ClickAway we’ve seen it all. You’ve probably seen it all too. So why are you not nothing to protect a phone which may have cost $1000 or more? There are several tips we should all follow to protect smartphone.

protect your smartphone

Protect A Phone | Screen Protectors Work

We often bundle screen protectors with a new device but you can buy them separately too. A protector adds a layer of protection that can absorb what could have damaged your screen. Most protectors are easy to scratch, but they’re relatively cheap and easy to replace. Your Smartphone display, however, is not. Screen protectors range from $5 to $15 (bundled set). They are scratch-resistant! Many objects, like sand or gravel, can and do harm to display.

Liquid Coatings Protect A Phone

This type of treatment covers the entire device. According to Liquipel, “The coating permeates the entire device and bonds to it on a molecular level leaving it watersafe for years to come.” It’s not cheap and requires users to package and send off their phone for treatment.

Make Your Own Screen Protectors

For the do-it-yourselfers, head to a fabric store and buy the thinnest piece of vinyl you can find and cut it with a razor blade to fit your display. Vinyl will usually cling to the device without the need for adhesives, which should be avoided.

Get a Case – They’re Fashionable

Many devices have beautiful exteriors that are susceptible to scratching. The iPhone is the most common example but Android devices can get scratched too. Buying a decent case will always be the best protection. They come as hard shell, lightweight polymer, silicone layered with an acrylic outer shell and even soft matte with transparent frontage for those moments when you have to take your phone on a boat or to the beach.

Protect A Phone – Plans

It’s a little like car insurance. How much do you want to gamble? Our plans are simple: Phone brakes, you bring it in, a brand new phone is mailed to you. It doesn’t matter if the dog chewed it or you ran over it with the car. Number of times you can swap out a damaged phone? Unlimited. Our plans run $50 and up per year for all inclusive damage protection. A definite must for every child, teenager and student. We think our plans should be the number one graduation gift! Beware of mail-in protection programs as many of these replace your phone with a refurbished model, not a new phone.

Hacking – The “Other” Protection

It’s annoying but we all have to protect our computers from hackers. But what about Smartphones? Look at all the things we do on our phones – email, banking, purchasing. Add to that the cost of the device and there’s a lot to tempt a theif.

  1. Make sure the home screen of your phone is password protected. If someone steals it, they can’t use it. Configure your phone to automatically lock after 5 minutes if it’s not in use.
  2. Install security apps that allow you to locate and erase all of the data on your phone, even if the phone’s GPS is off. You can find a list of apps on the Wireless Association Website.
  3. Software updates – they may be bothersome but they keep your security up-to-date.
  4. If your phone is stolen, you should report it to the local police  and register the stolen phone with your wireless provider. Verizon has created a stolen phone database so that the phone won’t be activated on any wireless network without your permission.

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