Instagram-Worthy Graduation Photo Tips

Graduation is almost here and you want to capture it best on your cell phone. Here are our tips for getting high-quality, Pinterest and Instagram-worthy graduation photos.

smartphone photo tips

Graduation Photos – 7 Tips To Get A Great Shot

  1. Make sure your phone is charged
  2. Use Portrait Mode – This is available on most of the new devices on the market today. Call ClickAway and we can tell you if your phone has that feature.
  3. Use nature lighting – thankfully, most graduations take place outside and natural lighting decreased the amount of color correction required. Just be aware of shadows on faces. Either have the grad face the sun or be entirely in the shade with your back to the sun.
  4. Use the grid – all phones have this handy tool to help make graduation photos look best.The grid can be turned on/off in settings.
  5. Tap on the screen to set the focus. This graduation photo tip is obvious to focus on subjects in the foreground but you can also focus on grads in the background, especially handy in crowded graduation areas.
  6. Pose some lighthearted, creative shots, and use video too. If you have the new Samsung Galaxy S9, take advantage of the super slo-mo for awesome graduation photos and video. Keep in mind you are capturing about 2 seconds only. That will expand to 6 seconds in super slo-mo.
  7. Use apps for some more robust photo/video editing capabilities. Sure, Instagram has some great filters but you can also try apps like Snapseed or Pixlr. The both do the basic but look for special effects such as double exposure (Pixlr) which places a photo on top of another photo. They also blur, heal and change perspective with just a click.

graduation photo tips

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