New iPhone Software – Update or Not?

Is it really true that only 6 percent of Android users are on the latest software version while 81 percent of iOS users have updated? That’s what Apple’s senior VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi said this week. He was touting the features in Apple’s new iOS 12 at the World Wide Developers Conference. Here are ClickAway’s takeaways from the announcement.

iOS 12iOS 12 greatly improves performance & optimization

Using an iPhone 6 Plus, Federighi said apps would start 40 percent faster and the camera would open 70 percent faster. You get the picture.

New apps to get us to use augmented reality

Measure – works much like MeasureKit, a third party app that’s quite popular.
ARKit – updated for multiplayer AR so you can have the same experience with different devices.

Updated photo search

Improves the ability to find on your phone one of the trillion photos captured each year by iPhones.

New Siri shortcuts

Suggestions that will pop up, such as sending a text to a co worker if you’re running late for a meeting.

Audio books in iBooks but now called Apple Books

Take that Audible. Apple’s making audio books easier to download and listen to by removing them from the music app and adding them to the new Apple Books, formerly iBooks.

Screen time addiction

We’re not sure how many people will actually use this feature but it does mean better parental controls for limiting usage of iPhones and iPads.

New Animojis and Memoji

We do think it’s cool that your iPhone will now track your tongue. More importantly, Apple’s enabling you to create your own avatar and add camera effects, accessories and even change clothes.

FaceTime for the whole family

A long overdue feature is the ability to create a FaceTime group with up to 32 people.

There are more features in iOS 12. And yes, we do recommend updating your devices if just for performance improvements. Look for the update this Fall. In the meantime, now is the time to take advantage of trade-in offers to the new iPhones if these features have peaked your interest. Call us for a quote and see how we can save you more.