OK Google, Siri, Alexa – The Most Useful Voice Commands

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A complete list of them most useful voice commands

Using your voice to get your mobile device to do things for you is fast, convenient and still feels a bit like the future. We just have to make ourselves adapt. According to research, 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. Nearly 60% of people using voice search started in the last year. If you’re not there yet or just getting started, read on for tips on making voice commands worth your while.

The first step is making sure this feature is turned on with your mobile devices.

  1. Android users – Open the Google app and go to settings, then to “voice.” Select OK, Google detection and turn on from any screen.
  2. iPhone users – Most likely this was set up when you first bought your iPhone but in case you turned it off, go to settings and select Siri & search. Turn on “listen for “hey siri”.

Voice commands on these two platforms are either “OK Google” or “Hey Siri.” By the way, I changed my Siri’s voice to a British Male, in case you’re not keen on the default female. Now for the fun part – the most useful voice commands to know.

Setting Appointments, Schedules & Reminders

  • Check my meetings.
  • Schedule a meeting with [name] [day and time].
  • Remind me to [say what to remind you about] [say when you want Siri to remind you]. You can also add a location to your reminder. For example: Remind me to call John when I get home.
  • If you need to know what day falls on a certain date, you can ask “What day is August 12th?” Alternatively, you can say “How many days until August 12th?”

Navigating & Travel

  • Show me the nearest [gas stations/type of restaurants/malls/etc.].
  • How do I get to[destination] by [car/foot/bike].
  • Take me home.
  • What are the traffic conditions or What are the traffic conditions near [name location].
  • How long until we arrive at [destination].
  • Check flight status of [airline and flight number].
  • Show me the bus route to [destination].

General Search & Knowledge

  • Browse (website) for (what you want). I searched “browse Nordstrom for shoe sales,” and presto. You could also try Go to (website).
  • Sports: How is (name of team/sport) doing? Results from (name of team) last game?, When is (name of team) next game?
  • Stocks: What is (name) stock price? What is (name) trending at?
  • Dictionary/Thesaraus: What is the definition of (say the word)? Define (say the word)? What’s another word for (say the word)?

Your Message Assistant

  • Check my voicemail
  • show me my messages
  • read my messages
  • text (name) (message content)
  • Send an email to (say name) (what you want in email)
  • Call (name of contact)
  • call (name of contact) on speakerphone
  • Make a note (called title)
  • Add to note (title) (item to add)
  • Send a message on What’s App or other.
  • Make a list called [name of list].
  • Add items to the list [name of list].
  • Other to-do and note apps that are compatible: Trello, OneNote, Wunderlist, Evernote, Viber, Telegram.

Currency Conversions, Calculations & Timers

  • What is [say the amount and name of currency] into [say the name of the currency].
  • You can also convert any other measurements. For example:What are 335 meters into feet?
  • What is [number] plus/minus/divided/multiplied by [number] or for example, What is the square root of [number].
  • Set a timer for [say the amount of time].
  • Set an alarm for [time].
  • To calculate a tip, you can say What is [percentage] of [number]?
  • What is [say the name of the company]stock price?
  • What is the weather like today? or What is the weather like in [say the country or city].
  • What is the time in [say the country or city].

Controlling Your Device’s Settings

  • Turn on/off [Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular data, Do Not Disturb, Night Shift, or Airplane Mode].
  • Take a picture/selfie.
  • Increase/decrease brightness.
  • When playing music you can say Turn up/down the volume.
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