Avoiding Disaster: 4 Common Cell Phone Repairs

common cell phone repairsLeading up to the year 1000, much of Europe was gripped by millennial terrors. They didn’t sway far worries about cell phone disasters and common cell phone repairs. Given that humans always look for meaning in round numbers and are always willing to quickly ascribe meaning to irrelevance, nearly everything was taken as a sign of the looming apocalypse. When a comet appeared in the skies over Europe some 15 years before the new millennium, people thought it a sure harbinger of disaster. Everyone was prepared for their whole world to fall apart, and to be rent by chaos and confusion.

Fast-forward 1000 years and change, and not too much is different. I’m not talking about the Y2K bug or more traditional, comet-based millennial fears, but the fears of the new millennium – the broken smartphone, where we feel that our whole world has collapsed and we are suddenly on the brink of chaos and confusion.

After all, for many of us, our whole lives exist in and on our phones, for better or for worse. Business, personal, and social information is captured in them, so if your phone breaks, it is at best a major hassle. Luckily, there are qualified Bay Area folks who can get your life back to connected normalcy. Don’t panic just because you see a cracked screen – the comet of 21st-century mortal terror – because ClickAway has you covered. Here are four common cell phone repairs that the experts at ClickAway can fix for you.

common cell phone repairsThe Top 4 Most Common Cell Phone Repairs

Cracked Screen

Cracked screens are probably the most common cell phone repairs.  Perhaps because it happens so easily. Smartphone are rather delicate machines, especially when used without a case. We’ve had customers who have dropped them, dropped something on them, stepped on them, put them in the same pocket with their keys… you name it, we’ve seen it.

We even once had a client tell us an elaborate story about how his smartphone (an Apple 5) fell out of his front pocket while he was lifting up a corner of his table to make a repair, and although he tried to catch the phone, he accidentally dropped the table right on it. It was pretty comical, but of course, it was no laughing matter for him. He was worried that he’d need to purchase an entirely new phone. Luckily, a cracked, scratched, or even shattered screen can be repaired by our trained technicians with a simple replacement.

Broken Charging Port

This is a source of major frustration. You try to plug your phone in and it just won’t take a charge. You fiddle with it, move it around a little bit, and sometimes, at just the right angle, you hear the satisfying “beep” that indicates charging. But be careful not to move it!

Many cell phone owners think this is a complicated internal problem that can’t really be fixed, but the truth is, the charging port is more hardware and so it can be damaged just by jarring it, dropping it, or jamming the USB port too hard, too many times. However, broken charging ports are common cell phone repairs. They can be repaired or replaced fairly easily by qualified technicians. You don’t have to do elaborate charging rituals – just bring it in and we’ll get it working like new.

Water Damage – Common Cell Phone Repairs

This is sort of a pendulum issue. For years, before the advent of waterproofing, people were absolutely terrified of their phone getting even slightly wet, and for good reason. Our phones weren’t equipped to handle that. But now that waterproofing is common, we’ve had clients who have been led to believe that water is harmless – the victims of good advertising. Water can still seep in, especially after prolonged exposure (and especially if you have a cracked screen or a loose charging portal). Common tricks like the bowl of rice can wick up surface moisture, but rice can’t get to internal water damage. We can.

Buttons That Stick

“Go back. Go back. Home screen!” Voice controls have helped, but there are few things more frustrating with our smartphones or other cell phones than buttons that refuse to work. For non-smartphones, this can be all the buttons. Try dialing a number without a working 7, or sending a text. It renders the phone almost functionless. With smartphones, not being able to go back or find your screen can be just as annoying, especially if it is the all-important “home button” that has been disabled.

This can happen if the phone has been jarred, the button was pressed too hard, if any sticky substances coming into contact with it, or because of the USB port coming loose (you see how connected some of these are?). This can be a simple fix – using rubbing alcohol on a swab can get rid of the sticking – but if it is more mechanical, our certified repair techs can fix it for you.

There are a million think pieces about how we attach too much importance to our phones, and how we treat them with roughly the same gravity as medieval Europeans treated the possible end of the world. That may be true, but the fact is, they are a part of our work and private lives. And we know most of you don’t want to buy a new phone if you don’t have to (though if you do, we’ve got that covered). These are problems that can be fixed, and at ClickAway, our expert technicians are excited to do it. Don’t panic if something happens. We don’t believe in signs, except the one that says “Welcome.”

ClickAway Repairs Computers every day.  Please take advantage of our free diagnosis before you pay to get your phone fixed.

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