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The switch to Cloud management should boost your team’s productivity. Our team makes sure this happens by keeping things running smoothly for every step of the cloud migration process and beyond.

Increase your productivity, mobility, and security. 

Migrating your data and business applications from a local environment to the cloud doesn’t have to mean sacrificing productivity. Using our multi-step approach, we work with your employees to ensure a smooth transition of your IT environment with minimal disruption.

Worry-free Cloud Migration Services

  •  Provisioning and Orchestration
  •  Security and Compliance
  •  Service Requests
  •  Monitoring and Logging 
  •  Inventory and Classification
  •  Cost Management and Optimization
  •  Migration, Backup, and DR (Disaster Recovery)


Near Limitless Capacity

Cloud servers aren’t limited like on-site servers by such factors as space and storage.

Increase Mobility

You can focus more on your business and less on local infrastructure.

Secure Environment

With our security specialists, you can rely on the best safety measures in the industry

Predictable Costs

Limit expenses by switching to monthly maintenance and upkeep costs.

Hybrid Option

Not all servers need to be moved off-site. Some companies benefit from partial cloud computing.

Data Migration Options

Our processes including “lift-and-shift” data migration, and cloud-to-cloud migration.

Dedicated Network

Enjoy the security and privacy of having your own dedicated network.

Improved Productivity

Cloud services include such perks as increased speed, no down-time and increased capacity.

Expert Cloud Migration 

Our experts analyze your current system and find the right managed cloud service provider for you. Our low-impact move and unique training style help your staff adapt without affecting productivity. Check out what experts are saying about Cloud Migration. Contact us today about a free moving to the Cloud Consultation for your small business.

Create your cloud strategy

Many businesses begin using cloud-based apps because they know someone else who uses them and gets good results. But what works for them may backfire for you. Every business is unique, and a migration to the cloud should start with an overall assessment of business needs.

Moving to the cloud is not done in one giant leap. Most businesses scale into services over time.

So what functions should you start adding to your new cloud infrastructure? Here is a great list of places to start:


A cloud-based email system is easy to implement and gives you peace of mind about your information. Employees delete emails even if they’re instructed not to, but a cloud-based system will automatically archive everything on all connected devices and accounts. It also takes a big burden (and cost) off your servers.

Collaborative software

Millennials at your company are probably already using cloud-based file-sharing apps like Dropbox. Why not bring them out from the shadows, get business-grade versions with greater functionality, and integrate them with the rest of your IT?

A digital phone system

A digital phone system provides you with voice messaging, call forwarding, conference calling, and other features that were once available only through large networks. Because there are no operators involved, a digital system can save your small business a significant amount of money. ClickAway can also install your digital phone system.

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