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Remote Support - Providing IT Support To Hybrid Workers

At ClickAway we recognize these are difficult times and your business needs to be running smoothly either in the office or at home. The same goes for your student learning at home virtually. This is why we offer full online support for all your computer needs. We provide Apple support online and Windows online support for hybrid workers and businesses. ClickAway can help you master the new Hybrid Office in 2021. We are here to provide on call remote IT support as well as distance learning setup and support.

Our certified technicians can remote into your systems and take care of most of your computer and network problems without being on-site. Most issues start with a quick phone call to try and resolve. From there, you can authorized us to access your devices remotely to fix problems. This service has been an enormous help to remote workers wherever they may reside. Below is a list of some of the remote help options:

Business Remote Support:

  • Network support
  • Application Support
  • Debugging & patching
  • Server Support
  • Assisting with new hardware setup (printers, scanners, drivers, multi-monitors)
  • Duo – resets (authentication and access)

Home Remote Support:

  • Log-on corp. network configurations
  • Remote access configuration
  • Local printing of corp. documents
  • Assisting with new hardware setup (printers, scanners, drivers, multi-monitors)
  • Video and chatting software support & training
  • Set-up for two-factor/multifactor authentication
  • Distance learning setup
Remote support

Get online IT support in three easy steps!

  1. Call and set an appointment, we will provide with a 6-digit code you will need to start
  2. Download the app on your computer (link provided on the main page) and enter the code
  3. Now our technician can start giving online support to your computer or network.

Disconnected during remote IT support?

If you get disconnected during remote IT support session we can easily reconnect. We require you to be on the phone during the remote IT support session, so we can guide you through the process to get you back online. You need to have a working internet connection is all. One place to fix any issue with any device – any day. Seamlessly transition between getting support by virtual house calls, phone, or chat or even get an in-person tech visit if you’d rather. Schedule a callback to have a ClickAway technician fix your device, on your schedule, not theirs. disconnected during remote IT support
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Easy Steps To Request Remote Support

After contacting ClickAway, you can begin a remote support session by navigating to the remote support button at the top of our home page on the website. This opens up a new window called Once open, you will input a six digit security code unique to your session and provided by the ClickAway technician. 

A small application will be downloaded to your computer to start the support session. Only during the session will the technician be able to access your computer.  ClickAway uses Rescue by Logmein because it allows secure connections to any PC, Mac or mobile device on any network from anywhere at anytime. No credit card is required during this process.

Together with the software, ClickAway can deliver flexible, reliable remote support no matter how big your business is – or how fast it’s growing. It’s about more than tackling tech issues. It’s about saving time and money, and boosting efficiencies across your company or household. Request remote support today.

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Access To My Computer During Remote IT Support Sessions

Do you have full access to my computer during a ClickAway remote IT support session? No. Access to content requiring a password on your device will be inaccessible to an IT support representative unless you elevate access. This requires you to type in your password. If you are using a University issued device, the representative may already have local administrative access that they can use to elevate access.
You and the representative share the same screen, control of your mouse, and keyboard during a support session.  Prior to accepting a ClickAway remote IT support session, we strongly recommend that you close any open documents which contain personal, confidential or regulated data, or that are just not related to the issue at hand. 
Access To My Computer

Before your remote session starts, you may request that some applications not be visually shared with your IT support representative. This must be configured before starting the remote session.   In some situations, a representative may request access to utilities such as the command line interface, registry, file system, or system information. These actions may not be visible to you during a support session. Should you have further security concerns, ClickAway will be happy to answer any questions.

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The top computer problems to help hybrid workers

  1. Accidentally Deleting Files.  This is one of the most common issues our IT technicians face. The best thing to stress here is GET A BACKUP plan! It’s always better to plan ahead before a problem happens. While it is possible in some cases to retrieve deleted files, you should instead perform backups on a regular basis. Hence, we can help with data recovery and your data back up.
  2. Computer Running Slowly.  This is a big one and we get these calls all the time. It can make for a very frustrating experience. We can use remote diagnostics to analyze slow workstations and server maintenance. Most of the time, a good cleaning of the computer’s files and functions will solve this problem. Likewise, it could also be malware that needs to be removed, a failed update that got stuck running in the background, or even a faulty app. These issues can all be resolved with our online support services.
  3. Random Rebooting.  If you’ve ever dealt with this, you already know it can be maddening! Often, your work is lost if the computer reboots itself randomly. Hence, it’s crucial to get this repaired. Good news is that our IT technicians can usually fix this through our online support services.
  4. The Network Printer Won’t Print.  It’s hard to say why this happens, but it can usually be fixed via remote IT support services. It could be an unplugged cable or toners and cartridges that ran dry. Even if it’s a configuration issue, network printer problems are usually easily resolved.
  5. Slow Internet.  The internet can get boggy when too many people are using it with incorrect configurations. While it could be a virus or other malware, a slow running internet is often fixed simply by rebooting and reconfiguring the router. Certainly, this can be done through our remote support services.
  6. Wi-FI Network Randomly Dropping Devices.  Most of the times this problem is a configuration issue. However, sometimes exterior problems such as super thick walls or a lot of metal all around can be the culprit. Unfortunately, we can’t solve construction issues remotely. In contrast, most other Wi-Fi connectivity problems can be fix quickly on a remote basis.
  7. Upgrade/Migration.  Upgrade on premises servers to the cloud is an important task. This includes using our remote help services to upgrade server OS to Windows Server 2014 or 2016.
  8. Application errors.  A quick login by our IT staff through our remote support services can troubleshoot application errors fast.
  9. Database server upgrades.  Data upgrades and migrations to cloud servers can be assisted with our remote support services.
  10. Data backup and restore services.  No matter how great your computer is, you should always have a relationship with a reputable, local computer repair company. Above all, proper backup or major computer repair can be tricky and you need trustworthy experts. ClickAway is the best in the industry and in business since 2002.