5 Tech Organizer Tips For 2022 – Start by Cleaning Your Gmail Inbox

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Refresh Your Google Inbox, Clear Browsing History & More

Cleaning up your tech in 2022 is one of the best ways to start fresh. Take the time now to retune your Gmail inbox, clear browsing history, and clean gadgets to ensure they’re working in tip-top shape. No, we’re not just talking about wiping down your TV with a damp cloth or using a computer screen cleaner, although that’s a start. These 5 tech organizer tips will help make your devices as good as new and give you peace of mind to start the new year.

Get a manageable Gmail inbox again

Do you really want to open your Google inbox and see 1,000 unread messages? Don’t waste your time manually going through each email to determine what’s worth keeping. Start with a search filter to weed out those from a mailing list, or from a certain category like promotions, and delete all of those. Navigate to the search bar and type something like Category:promotions. Here are some other filters that may work for you:

  • Categories:  social, updates, forums, reservations, purchases
  • Size:1000000 or larger:10M
  • Exact word: +vrbo
  • Deliveredto:username@gmail.comcreate new email
  • Exact source:  social@abcannoyingemails . com

After you’ve chosen a filter and have hundreds of results, hit Select all conversations at the top of the page and click Trash. Filters work for other emails as well.

How to Clear your browser cache

This is one of the easiest ways to speed up a slow computer. Clearing the cache, including cookies and browsing history, will not only improve performance but also increases security. Using a browser that updates consistently, like Chrome, will help to keep your computer safe. That’s because hackers are always looking for browser exploits. This goes for small businesses too. ClickAway IT technicians support all small business networks.

Freshen your home network

Your home network is the main hub for all your gadgets so taking the time to ensure it’s secure and performing well is worth it. Is your password unique and complex? If not, you’re at risk of hackers stealing your data and more. Enable two-step verification to make it even harder for hackers to get in. Finally, make sure your router’s firmware is up to date. Head to your router admin page, select advanced or management and download any updates. Most routers have an automatic update setting so make sure this is turned on. ClickAway’s remote services or a quick, in person visit, can be options if you are unsure about router settings or need a router upgrade.

Inventory your valuables

And yes, there’s an app for that. The inventory will make sure you don’t overlook any gadget that needs updating but more importantly, documents what you own in case of fire, theft or flood. You can try Encircle or Home Contents. The free version of Home Contents allows you to document up to 25 items per room. More rooms can be added easily. 

Physically clean your devices

Be careful when cleaning cell phones, laptops and TVs. You can wipe away most grime with a soft, dry cloth. Never pour or spray water onto these gadgets. Ports require extra care. Cotton swabs can leave fuzz and metal knives and pins can leave scratches. Have extra dirt, rice stuck in a charging port or want to be sure you don’t cause damage? Set up a quick visit at ClickAway for a professional and low cost cleaning. Let ClickAway clean the inside too where dust can gather and cause laptop overheating.

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