Getting Your Laptop Ready for Back To School

How to get your laptop ready for schoolLaptop Ready

It’s back to school time and your laptop should be ready too. Many of these tasks don’t require a computer repair technician but with ClickAway’s special offer and fast turnaround, many people find it easier to drop it off or mail it in. Here are some important tasks to get your laptop ready for school.

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  1. Tune-up Your Laptop

    Having a computer repair tech tune up the laptop is never a bad idea. That will help you catch any overlooked issues and ensure that there are no viruses, spyware issues, or other problems that are hiding in the computer’s hard drive or other locations. The peace of mind you and your child will have after a laptop tune-up is significant.  A Laptop tune-up includes the things that are listed below and more.

  2. Install Updates

    Updates are critical. Not only do they help the laptop  operate better, let it move faster, and reduce the chance of errors, but they also include important safety precautions. Sometimes, a Upgrade Drivers | Restore OS is needed. There are some suggested updates that your laptop may not need.  However, any mandatory updates should be installed right away. Setting up your child’s laptop to automatically check for updates and install them during overnight hours is one way to be sure the laptop will always be up to date and ready to go. That can keep your child safer online, and help them be ready when assignments require computer use.

  3. Clean Registry to Improve Performance

    Another good way to keep your child’s computer moving as fast as possible is to clean the registry. By defragmenting the hard drive and cleaning up the registry before your student’s heads back to school, their laptop will operate faster and help them get their work done more easily. There can be errors that appear in the registry over time, and those things slow a laptop down and reduce capabilities. By ensuring that the registry is clean and error free and that there are no viruses or other issues present, the laptop will work better and move faster through tasks, whether online or offline.  Make sure that you backup your data before cleaning your registry.

  4. Install & Update a Good Antivirus Program

    Finding viruses that are already on the laptop and removing them is essential. Additionally, you want to stop any new viruses from getting through the firewall and onto the computer. Because your child may have to search the internet for all sorts of things during the school year, you want to protect them from any viruses they might encounter. The right program can do that. Seek guidance from a professional if you are unsure of which program to use.  You don’t want to take a risk with your child’s safety, and getting a virus back off of a computer can be stressful and challenging.

  5. Hard Drive Upgrade & Clearing Space

    If you remove old files, unused applications, and other things that are cluttering up the hard drive, your child’s laptop is going to run faster and be easier to use. The computer will be less likely to freeze or crash, or have any other errors. With that in mind, some hard drives simply have more space than others. If the hard drive just isn’t big enough, upgrading to a Solid State Drive may be called for. Some systems are set to perform a disk defragmentation and hard drive cleanup at certain intervals. Other systems require maintenance to be performed manually.  Either way, space does matter.

  6. Data Backup

    Most data backup is on either a hard drive, the cloud or a combination of the two. If you’re an Apple user, you may already have a cloud storage account. If you’re an Amazon Prime user, you have cloud storage as part of your account. Personal clouds can also be set up, let’s say, for your family for even easier access. External drives are quite inexpensive now so there is really no excuse for not having a safety net for your data. If your student accidentally deletes their term paper, they can easily grab the last saved version. It is that simple.

  7. Get Accessories in Order

    The laptop isn’t the only thing your child might need for going back to school. A wireless keyboard and mouse can make typing and navigation much easier. A good and cool bag to carry a laptop in is also important because dropping it is never a good idea.

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