How To Fix Common Zoom Problems

fix zoom problems

Zoom is more popular than ever and has become a household name. Be it distance learning, working from home or online socializing, entertainment and fitness, Zoom is not without problems. Bugs and issues can get in the way of your Zoom experience. Luckily, most Zoom problems you can fix yourself. Of course, a ClickAway technician can always help out with settings, in home trainings and Online Support if preferred to fix Zoom problems quickly.

 “We can’t see you.” How to fix Zoom problems, webcam problems or other video meeting issues

Frozen again?

Your internet connection can cause delayed or frozen Zoom connections. Try these steps to resolve:

  • Find a stable connection – If you’re on a cell phone or tablet, move to another area to get a stronger connection. If you’re on a PC, a wired ethernet connection is typically faster and less congested.
  • Test your speed – It’s best to have a download speed of 1Mbps and an upload speed for 800 Kbps.
  • Adjust Zoom settings – Go to settings > video panel and uncheck options like enable HD and touch up my appearance.

Can’t share your screen?

Sharing screens is an important element of online calls. Check your internet bandwidth and make sure you are good there. If it’s tight, try turning off the video and then select >share screen.

Try some of these tips if your webcam is not showing up or not working with Zoom:

  • Zoom Settings – Just before you join a Zoom call, make sure you leave unchecked these options so that your audio and video are automatically enabled. Do not connect to audio & Turn off my video.
  • Is Your Webcam in use already? – make sure to exit other programs or apps that could be using your Webcam before you start your Zoom call.
  • Is Your Webcam blocked by your computer? – check to see that the Zoom app or the web browser can use your Webcam in the permissions settings. In Windows 10, for example, enter “webcam” in the taskbar search and click “choose which apps can access your camera.” You can do the same to check microphone privacy settings. On a Mac, check system preferences, security and privacy, camera to ensure your web browser and Zoom are checked.

“We can’t hear you.” How to fix webcam or other audio issues

Audio echo echo echo

There are a few reasons why you can sometimes have an audio echo or feedback on a call.

  • Limit input – make sure you don’t have both computer and telephone audio active on the call at the same time. If so, simply choose the up arrow next to the microphone icon and select leave computer audio.
  • Too close to external speakers – If the computer or telephone speakers are too close you might get some echo sounds. Try moving farther apart or ask one of them to mute audio. This goes for multiple computers in the same room.

Zoom keeps crashing

First, see if there is a regional Zoom problem by checking Zoom Service Status. The fix may be out of your control and you’ll have to wait a bit. You can also try the web version of Zoom instead of the app. Finally. make sure your video connection goes through your Webcam, if you are using one. Sometimes Zoom gets confused and will crash as a result.

Stop Zoom bombing

Zoom bombing is a growing thing, exposing your meeting to loud music and even porn. The easiest way to prevent this Zoom problem is to require a passcode. As of May 2020, requiring a password is set as the default — just update Zoom to start using this feature.

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