LAN Cable Woes? Swap or Replace

lan cable problems

Cables are still a point of failure in many situations including LAN cable (local area network) failures. The most obvious example of cable problems is USB cables used to charge your smartphone. Charging cables get so much usage and are constantly being yanked and bent, so it’s no wonder that they fail so often. Replacing a cable can solve your issue or help you diagnose it further.

If the problem doesn’t go away with a new cable, there might be a problem with the device it’s plugged into (like the wall socket or computer’s USB port), or the port on the device itself may be faulty. This can aid in diagnosing and ultimately fixing the problem. ClickAway technicians can do this as well.

internet cable problems

Diagnosing LAN Cable Problems

Charging cables are just the tip of the iceberg. Network problems can be caused by a faulty ethernet cable, especially if it is constantly connected and disconnected. An HDMI TV or internet cable can fail without warning, and many of them aren’t fit for the purpose in the first place.

On a side note, if you are replacing an HDMI cable, don’t fall for “premium” cables that are a sales gimmick and cost an arm and a leg.

How to test a network cable?

A network cable is a type of ethernet network cable that brings an internet connection to TVs and computers. If you’re having connection problems on your devices, then the problem may be a faulty cable. To test the cable, plug it into a network cable tester and see if it successfully transmits a signal. ClickAway can do this for you quickly with our in-person house/office call service. If you don’t have a network cable tester, there are other troubleshooting tests to tell if the problem is the cable or your modem.

  1. Check internet cable connection on TV or computer
  2. Confirm network cable is fully plugged in
  3. Look for a green light on the back of the modem
  4. Inspect cable for any physical damage
  5. Use a new cable to see if connection improves

Connecting and fixing internet cables can be a daunting task if you decide to do it yourself. ClickAway’s networking specialist will come to your Bay Area or Northern California small office or home. We take care of all the little details that go into making the bigger picture. You can learn more about ClickAway on LinkedIn, our website or other sources. We have been Diamond Certified for 17 years.

Warning: Why Duct Tape Can’t Be Used To Insulate Wires and Cables

One of the few things duct tape can’t do well is insulate wires. Duct tape uses cloth fibers in its backing, which, when placed up against electrically charged wires, can dry out over time and possibly even catch fire; especially, when they carry high voltages of electricity. If it’s torn, chewed, frayed or otherwise damaged, just replace it.

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