Tech Support 202: Computer repair for remote workers

computer repair for remote workers

Let’s talk about computer repair for remote workers. Now that Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Shopify and Twitter announced they will allow remote working through 2020 or longer, it opens up the question about virtual and physical computer repair. It’s clear the new normal for tech support is far from ordinary, unless that office IT guy is living in your house.  So, while COVID-19 pushed you away from corporate offices and school campuses, ClickAway on-call tech support remains ready to lend aid remotely and in person.

For Ardeshir Zandian, one of the South Bay’s top computer and network fixit technicians, working from any location is nothing new. Zandian and the rest of the 30-person computer repair staff at ClickAway, often fix laptops in business and home offices. Remote tools are key to efficiently handling the uptick in tech requests during to COVID-19 and the increasing work from home force.

“We’re equipped to fix computers in our labs and inside businesses and homes,” Zandian said. “We work from our homes too, but this is different,” he said. “We’ve always done Online Support. Now, it’s more prevalent.”

Calls and emails about technical support have come in left and right, and free diagnosis requests seem to be never-ending. Zandian also sees an increase in data recovery and virus removal.

Remote Workforce Tech Issues

“When people are under stress, they aren’t necessarily following the same process and protocols they normally would at their job,” he said. “They’re on their personal network or they’re using a small or old laptop for heavy lifting. It was doable temporarily but now it’s the norm and it doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon.”

Since mid-March, ClickAway computer technicians have worked behind masks, from a safe distance, remotely and inside businesses and home offices. According to Rick Sutherland, ClickAway founder and CEO, the use of remote support tools and online chat sessions with customers has increased significantly. “It’s proof that our essential support team is in demand and can’t miss a beat. These folks don’t have anywhere else to turn. It’s not like the in house IT technician is going to show up at your door.”

Providing Answers

ClickAway provides free diagnosis for any electronic repair issue. “People want a quick answer to their computer repair and Wi-Fi problems. They want to know if it’s a simple tune-up or a bigger investment.” Sutherland said. “They’ll say, ‘Oh, I’m glad I get to speak to someone about my slow computer,” he continued. “I have to get this project done and ClickAway can help me fix my computer so I can finish the job.”

Most ClickAway technicians work out of 5 locations kept open during COVID-19 by county officials as an essential business. Providing computer repair for remote workers is our priority. They also handle a steady flow of calls about phone repair, data recovery and home Wi-Fi/networking issues. If the problem can’t be resolved remotely, they make business and house calls or receive products curbside.

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ClickAway is a full-service computer repair, phone repair, network installation and IT services company. Above all, we provide professional and helpful customer care for all your home, personal, or small business technology needs. ClickAway combines all your tech needs in one stop. We are just a click away for new purchases, repair service or if you simply have a question. We are here for all computer repair for remote workers and more.