Smartphone slow down and the $28 iPhone battery need

iPhone battery replacement
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What you need to know about iPhone battery replacements & smartphones slowing down

It is accepted that gadgets slow down as they age. Your 3-year-old MacBook or iPhone isn’t going to have the same zip as when you first unboxed it. Gadget slowdowns are typically caused by many factors, Apple’s recent battery issue being a rare exception. Let’s take a look at some of these factors:

Software slowdowns

Each time Microsoft, Apple, Google or Samsung announce a new OS update, more powerful features and apps are usually included. Feature-creep is probably the top reason your gadget is not as fast as it once was. Developers tend to write code on the latest hardware so making things backward compatible is often an afterthought. The new version of OS is not optimized for your 3-year-old phone, therefore, you end up with an overworked processor that chews away at your battery. Only after critical rollout and bug-fix updates have been addressed do manufacturers release patches that adjust the new features for older hardware.

The same applies to third-party apps. Developers update their code to take advantage of the new hardware. They add an augmented reality feature here or a messaging element there, yet your hardware remains unchanged. It’s not just developers who are to blame, we as users contribute to the slow down. A podcasting app you’ve organized and filled with content is going to take up more room and battery resources than it did when it was first installed.

The sheer number of apps and files makes a difference too. No device likes to run out of storage space, whether it’s a laptop, tablet or smartphone. And when they start to fill up, slow performance and regular crashes follow.

Lastly, there’s the security issue. If viruses and malware have creped into your system, they’re going to use up space and battery power. If you’ve noticed a severe drop in performance, we recommend a full system scan or let us take a look with our free diagnosis policy.

Battery slowdowns

As gadgets age there is some physical degradation at play, most susceptible being lithium ion batteries. The batteries inside your laptop or smartphone will degrade over time. It’s just part of the technology. Batteries on their own don’t have an impact on the speed of your device, but you will get less time between charges. In Apple’s case, they admitted to throttling back CPU speeds to compensate for an aging battery. What resulted was a rush to replace iPhone batteries – $29 at the Apple store, $28 at ClickAway.

Other hardware slowdowns

Mechanical hard drives will usually only slow down noticeably right before they die. If your drive is being constantly used or running at a high temperature then it’s likely to fail faster. It is not likely to impact your gradual system slowdown. The much improved solid-state drives or flash memory in your cell phone will only slow down due to lack of space. It’s best to keep as much free space on your gadgets as possible. Install as few applications as you can get away with and keep those apps as lean as possible and update both your apps and OS whenever you’re given the chance.

Keep it clean with thermal management

As we stated in a previous blog, a good clean of the inside of your computer around the heat sinks and cooling fans can do wonders to prevent physical slowdowns. If there are fans, then your device is going to fill with dust. Dust acts as a blanket, eventually suffocating the machine and overtaxing the processor, potentially resulting in a multitude of issues.  Our certified technicians perform this maintenance service all the time with good results.

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