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What's the Best Hard Drive for you?

If you value your files, word docs, photos, videos and other data ClickAway recommends our customers always back them up to an external drive.

We stock all major brands, including Lacie, Western Digital and Seagate drives. Here is a small sample of the drives available and how they work.

Click Free Wireless Automatic Backup (500GB)

If you don't want to get technical with set-up and installations this drive is for you. It does all the hard work, automatically finding your photos, videos, Office documents, and other important files and initiating the backup process. Once the setup is complete the drive can be used wirelessly. Another great feature: both Windows and Mac are supported. The automatic backup can be used across your network on all the connected computers. The only downside of this drive is the built-in cable is a little short.

Seagate Free Agent GoFlex Ultra-Portable Drive (500GB)

The drive is USB 3.0, it works on both Mac and PC. Firewire 800 and eSATA connection options are available. You manage the backup schedules, file encryption and available capacity through the Seagate Dashboard management tool. If you need a more flexible drive, this works with a set of interchangeable adapters. It connects to other Seagate peripherals, like the TV HD Media Player and Net Media Sharing Device. You can view your photos, videos and movies on your TV, but the various connection options available are at an additional cost.

Western Digital My Passport for Mac (1 TB)

Formatted for Mac and compatible with Apple TimeMachine, this drive is plug-and-play ready. The WD SmartWare software displays all your data on one screen so you can back up and retrieve files simply. It's USB 2.0 which is enough for most people and while it's not as fast as eSATA or FireWire 800, it's still capable of transferring files with ease. The WD Drive Utilities handle drive management and diagnostics.

To ensure you select the right drive for you, check our locations on www.clickaway.com and visit your nearest store to talk to our experienced staff. They will make sure you get a drive that's both compatible with your computer and suitable to your ongoing needs.


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