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Upgrade Hard Drive and Other Computer Upgrade Services

If your Mac or PC computer is not running the way it used to you may need a computer upgrade. This could be a hard drive upgrade, memory upgrade and/or software upgrade. You can save yourself a lot of money by upgrading your laptop or desktop hardware components or OS, instead of replacing your entire computer. At ClickAway, we can do this work quickly and for a low cost. We can help you upgrade many parts of your computer and we also have many upgrade parts in stock!

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Popular Upgrade Services:

  • Hard Drive Upgrades / Replacements
  • Memory / RAM Memory Upgrades
  • Software Upgrades
  • Windows 7 -> Windows 10 Upgrade and device/peripheral compatibility check
  • Mac OS X Operating System Upgrades

Some upgrades are even free when you purchase the upgrade part through us!

Should I buy a new computer or upgrade my PC?

It’s a great question. Our rule of thumb is to only upgrade your PC or Mac, along with any additional required computer issues, if it costs less than half of what it costs for a new computer. That’s why we do a free diagnosis before you decide if it’s worth it. Another variable to consider is the age. If your computer is 4+ years old, it may be time to throw in the towel. Simply put, a RAM upgrade is the easiest way to double the speed of your computer. Need more space? We can mirror your current info to a larger hard drive and that takes care of that. Any PC or Mac upgrade questions, let us know.

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