Why is my phone so slow?

The answer to “why is my phone so slow” could be low battery life, poor battery health or full storage capacity.

Troubleshoot an Android device – why is my phone so slow

  • If your Android is running slow, chances are the issue can be quickly fixed by clearing out excess data stored in your phone’s cache and deleting any unused apps. 
  • A slow Android phone may require a system update to get it back up to speed, although older phones may not be able to run the latest software properly.
  • If deleting data and clearing your cache don’t do the trick, your Android may have a battery or other hardware issue that requires professional assistance from ClickAway cell phone repair technicians. A free basic diagnostic can help in these situations.
why is my phone so slow

Troubleshoot an iPhone device – why your iPhone may be slow

  • Not Enough Space. Arguably the most common culprit behind a slow iPhone is the lack of free storage space. So how did we get here? Each iPhone’s storage capacity is measured by gigabytes, or GB, and ranges from 16 GB to 512 GB. Any kind of media – like photos, videos, and music – use storage space, and once your iPhone starts to get low, things start to get slow. This is because your iPhone requires a little bit of free storage space to function.

    Your first course of action should be finding exactly what is taking up all that space. To access your storage usage data, go to Settings>General>Usage> and finally Manage Storage. This should give you a list of all your storage stealers, going from most storage used to least. From here, you have two options: Either start deleting photos or move them to the iCloud or an external storage. A good rule of them is to leave around 10% of your device’s total storage capacity free.
  • Outdated Software. Your iPhone’s performance can change drastically as it ages. While some speculate this is Apple’s way of gently nudging us into a purchase of a newer model, Apple claims they sometimes slow older versions to preserve the phone, keeping the phone from shutting down due to an aged battery.

    Before buying a new iPhone replacement, check to see if your model has any software updates available. Go to Settings>General>Software Update. If there’s no applicable update for your iPhone, you can keep troubleshooting, or contact Apple to check if there could be an underlying software issue.
  • Too Many Apps Running. Do you really need to have my recipe app, AllTrails and Whatsapp open right now? It may be possible that multiple apps (and unused apps) open at the same time are slowing down the otherwise swift performance of your iPhone.

    Clear your cache and memory once in a while. If you’re not using an app, go ahead and delete it- not only will this free up space for your phone, but if it was an app that continuously ran in the background, you should see the smooth speed of your iPhone return. Turning off automatic app updates can tremendously increase your phone’s performance speed by reducing background processes.
  • High Performance Settings. Messing around with these settings may actually improve how you enjoy your iPhone as a whole. There are some graphic settings on certain models that can be altered to increase performance speed. One of the most useful settings you can change is the Motion setting. By going to Settings>Accessibility, you can see whether your phone has the ‘Reduce Motion’ option set to on or off. If it’s off, try turning it on to speed up your phone. This setting alters that cute little animation your iPhone does when swiping screens or opening apps, which helps speed up the phone by using less resources. For some, it’s also a lot easier on the eyes.
  • A Simple Reset. Sometimes, processes are just too much, your iPhone just gets too hot, or an accumulation of your everyday wear and tear has your iPhone slowed down to a screeching halt. What do you do when your iPhone is suddenly slow for no apparent reason?

    Just restart your phone! Turn it off, give it a second (or 10), and turn it back on. Make sure it’s unplugged during this whole process, too. While we can’t always explain the reason behind our iPhone’s moodiness, we can tell you that restarting your device is a fast and simple way to clear your device’s memory and straighten out those wonky, mishap-filled apps.

If none of these tried and true methods answered “why is my phone so slow?”, it may be time to contact an Apple expert, like ClickAway iPhone repair – or succumb to that shiny new model that was just released. A free basic diagnostic at ClickAway could help in this matter. Contact us to make an appointment to stop in to one of our locations.

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