Why is my pc overheating?

The question “why is my pc overheating?” is asked a lot in our PC repair shops. While most modern computer components can deal with a lot of heat in an efficient manner, overheating still poses a lot of danger for your PC. For anyone who is investing hundreds to thousands of dollars into a computer, knowing how to stop your PC from overheating is incredibly important.

Why is my pc overheating – troubleshooting tips

Certain components of a computer overheat more than others. For example, a powerful CPU or graphics card, with high TDP (thermal design power) is going to output more heat than your motherboard or power supply, so these components usually come with cooling systems to take care of this. The issue is these components output heat directly into your PC case, raising the ambient temperature of the overall PC and causing issues elsewhere. 

There are two main reasons your PC heats up, i.e. either the cooling system isn’t working properly or the PC is heating to the point your cooling system can’t handle it anymore. Still wondering why is my pc overheating? Let’s look a little further.

why is my pc overheating

Check if the fan is working or not

If the fan of your PC isn’t working fine or for some reason it can’t ventilate air, the result will be an over-heated PC. In such a case you will have to get it fixed from a repair shop.

Avoid blocking the vents

You should never place your PC on your bed, blanket or any other soft surface while working. Such soft and uneven surfaces block the airflow from the vents, resultantly warming up the PC (especially if they are located below the PC). Instead, always place the PC on a hard surface, preferably a wooden table or laptop tray, so that the ventilation area never gets blocked

Clean up the PC

If you haven’t cleaned your PC in a while, then dirt is most probably the cause of the heating PC. It is easy to clean a desktop, but laptop users may prefer to take it to a repair shop and get it serviced. 

Reapply thermal paste

Thermal paste is usually a highly conductive material that is applied between CPU/GPU and heatsinks. This paste ensures that the heat is properly moved out of the PC. If this material gets old, it will definitely affect the effectiveness of the cooling system.

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