What is the cost for a hard drive replacement?

Hard drive replacement costs

We upgrade and do hard drive replacements for just about anything at ClickAway. From replacing the drive in your ps4 to your iMac and everything in between. You may need a hard drive replacement if your laptop has been showing you error messages and crashing randomly, it may be because there is a problem with your hard drive. ClickAway’s award winning service technicians can check the status of your hard drive.

If your hard drive is not in danger of failing but is still causing crashes, we can eliminate errors using check disk. We can also reinstall your hard drive’s device drivers if the hard drive is not being recognized. If there is something physically wrong with your hard drive, we can replace damaged or loose cables, the hard drive PCB, or even the hard drive itself. Data transfer can also be included.


To be sure about this, you should check for the following symptoms which will tell you whether it’s time to replace or repair. We can do either at ClickAway and our free diagnosis may save you significantly.

  • Some errors noticed in Disk Utilities
  • Inaccessible partitions/files/folders
  • Sudden disappearance of partitions/files/folders
  • Abnormal initialization of programs
  • Unstable Mac OS
  • Unrecognizable hard drive
  • The device getting unusually hot
  • Strange/Unfamiliar sounds coming from the hard drive
  • Smell like that of burning solder/plastic
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