Can you upgrade ram on MacBook Pro?

upgrade ram on MacBook Pro

To upgrade ram on MacBook Pro you have to consider the pros and cons. Apple Mac users look to speed up their devices by upgrading RAM on MacBook Pro or upgrading the hard drive. Is it worth spending the extra bucks or potential software dilemmas?

If a MacBook is lagging, taking unusually a lot longer to boot, and applications are quite slow to respond, the current configuration might not be capable of running the latest iteration of macOS as well as the newer version of apps installed on the device. Due to the outdated or low configuration, Mac often takes too long to boot and even apps feel relatively slow while running.

An upgrade RAM on MacBook Pro can fix your slow MacBook. If your MacBook is taking a lot of time while opening apps or during multitasking like switching between apps, chances are high that its RAM is unable to run multiple apps simultaneously or perhaps some resource-hogging apps aren’t leaving much RAM for others to run smoothly. Hence, upgrading the RAM can help you make your Mac run much better.

As for the hard drive, it’s used to store a variety of data including photos, videos, music, documents and so on. Not just that, hard drives are also used to store data for apps and the operating system that runs on the computer.

So, Can You Upgrade RAM on MacBook Pro?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to upgrade RAM on most modern MacBooks (including the latest MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs) since in these notebooks the RAM comes soldered to the motherboard of the computer. However, you can upgrade RAM on older MacBooks such as MacBook Core 2 Duo, MacBook Unibody, MacBook Pro 13” (Mid 2009-Mid 2012), MacBook Pro 15” (Late 2008-Mid 2012), and MacBook Pro 17” (All Models).

Is There Any Catch?

Even after upgrading the SSD/HDD on your Mac, you may not be recommended to use the latest iteration of macOS i.e macOS Catalina due to the processor and RAM restrictions. In this case, you will have to opt for an older version of macOS that can run smoothly on the notebook. The tradeoff of the speedy and smooth performance of your MacBook is something you have to decide.

As for upgrading the MacBook hard drive, you can do so on most models. But note that MacBook SSD upgrade – especially from HDD to SSD – is not possible on all the models. So, the right way to go is to contact a trusted MacBook repair company such as ClickAway and ask for advice.

Back Uo Data Before Mac Upgrade

Before doing a Hard Disk upgrade on your Mac be sure to back up your data. You can use Time Machine or iCloud to back up all of your important files. Be warned that you may have to reinstall some licensed software. So, ensure that you have the license key for those applications.

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