Do IT support technicians have full access to my computer?

Access To My Computer During Remote IT Support Sessions

Do you have full access to my computer during a ClickAway remote IT support session? No. Access to content requiring a password on your device will be inaccessible to an IT support representative unless you elevate access. This requires you to type in your password. If you are using a University issued device, the representative may already have local administrative access that they can use to elevate access.
You and the representative share the same screen, control of your mouse, and keyboard during a support session.  Prior to accepting a ClickAway remote IT support session, we strongly recommend that you close any open documents which contain personal, confidential or regulated data, or that are just not related to the issue at hand. 
Access To My Computer

Before your remote session starts, you may request that some applications not be visually shared with your IT support representative. This must be configured before starting the remote session.   In some situations, a representative may request access to utilities such as the command line interface, registry, file system, or system information. These actions may not be visible to you during a support session. Should you have further security concerns, ClickAway will be happy to answer any questions.

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