How to work from home?

How to work from home – setting up an optimum home office environment

How to work from home

Even though many of us have now had time to adjust to working from home, converting our largely comfort-focused homes into efficient professional workspaces can still pose a challenge. Understanding how to work from home almost certainly requires a computer, wireless router, and modem. But there are also essentials like desks, chairs, and monitors to less obvious things help one stay productive day in and day out.

The technical stuff

  • Headphones, especially if you don’t live alone
  • Apple Magic Keyboard if you work on a really small laptop.
  • Ergonomic keyboard. The one issue with flat keyboards like Apple’s Magic Keyboard is that too much time typing at one can result in sore wrists at best and carpal tunnel (or more) at worst.
  • Dual monitors. Imagine having room for two documents side by side on your screen, rather than having to flip back and forth between them. It makes work so much faster.
  • Tablet stand
  • Flexible phone holder
  • Laptop stand
  • Data backup plan
  • Wireless mesh extender
  • Surge protector with long extension

These are just some suggestions to answer the “how to work from home?” question. ClickAway provides both computer upgrades, computer repair, wireless network extenders, monitors and more. Call us today for a site inspection.

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