How much to repair iPad screen?

To answer the question “how much to repair iPad screen,” we have to start with Apple. According to Apple, if your iPad issue is covered under our warranty you won’t pay a fee. Otherwise, repairs are considered out of warranty (and not covered) when:

  • Your iPad is no longer covered by the Apple warranty.
  • Your iPad screen gets broken accidentally.
  • Your iPad has other accidental damage or issues caused by unauthorized modifications. 

The price differences – how much to repair iPad screen

Apple charges anywhere from $379 to $749 (plus tax) to fix a broken iPad screen, depending on the model. ClickAway Apple technicians perform iPad repairs every day. Screen replacements for newer models, like the iPad pro, are usually in the $300-$350 range. For older iPads, the screen and LCD repair costs are separate. That’s why it’s important to assess the damage rather than assuming the worst—sometimes it’s a screen-only repair, and that will run around $160. Our iPad repair prices are as low as $49.

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