How much does data recovery cost?

Data recovery cost can vary because the drive failure can be in different tiers. At ClickAway, we charge as low as $199 and do our best to match or beat competitor pricing.

Data Recovery Cost – Take Advantage Of Free Diagnostics

Many data recovery companies provide a free basic diagnosis to help customers gauge the cost of data recovery and what their options may be. This is certainly the case at ClickAway data recovery locations in the Bay Area.

Data recovery tiers

On a mechanical drive, a failure can reside with the mechanics or bad firmware or even both at the same time. Even the mechanical failures have different tiers. On a solid state drive data recovery cost can be tied to a bad chipset or bad firmware or both. Some data recovery projects are to recover deleted files or formatted data. While other data recovery jobs are with encrypted drives along with mechanical failure, bad firmware and bad chipsets.T

Several factors affect the cost of data recovery services

ClickAway data recovery services are available for PC desktop hard drives, Mac desktop hard drives, PC laptop hard drives, MacBook laptop hard drives, external hard drives, SD cards, USB drives, CompactFlash cards and more. ClickAway technicians can recover data of any size, from under a few megabytes to many terabytes, and any type, including files, photos, emails and other items stored on a personal or business device.

Customers seek professional data recovery help when data storage devices are not being recognized, data gets corrupted, data has been deleted, a device makes clicking or whirring noises or data has been infected by a trojan or virus. All of these services come with different pricing to ensure the customer is paying the lowest possible rate at ClickAway.

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