How do I request remote support?

Easy Steps To Request Remote Support

After contacting ClickAway, you can begin a remote support session by navigating to the remote support button at the top of our home page on the website. This opens up a new window called Once open, you will input a six digit security code unique to your session and provided by the ClickAway technician. 

A small application will be downloaded to your computer to start the support session. Only during the session will the technician be able to access your computer.  ClickAway uses Rescue by Logmein because it allows secure connections to any PC, Mac or mobile device on any network from anywhere at anytime. No credit card is required during this process.

Together with the software, ClickAway can deliver flexible, reliable remote support no matter how big your business is – or how fast it’s growing. It’s about more than tackling tech issues. It’s about saving time and money, and boosting efficiencies across your company or household. Request remote support today.

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