How to recover deleted photos from iPhone?

Whether you want to get back permanently deleted photos from your iPhone with or without a backup, ClickAway can answer “how to recover deleted photos from iPhone.” The loss of your precious photos may happen due to reasons like accidental deletion, human error, physical damage, iOS update, jailbreak, factory reset, and more. Generally, if you Read More »

How to transfer files from pc to pc?

ClickAway tips – transfer files from PC to PC Don’t leave any data behind when you crack open a brand new laptop. Moving to a new Windows 10 PC is an exciting time. But you might be wondering how to transfer data from PC to PC. Your familiar files and settings can’t be lost! To Read More »

How to backup photos to iCloud?

Make sure you your data is syncing – backup photos to iCloud If you have felt the panic of losing all the photos, videos, and important files saved on your iPhone, or want to avoid it, here’s how to make sure iCloud is set up and syncing properly. Apple automatically provides every user with 5GB Read More »

How to recover deleted files?

Even important files are not always secured enough from accidental deletion. And if they were deleted and your Recycle Bin was wiped clean before you realized they were gone, then the situation may appear so desperate! Thankfully, you can recover deleted files and even lost partition. You deleted something and want it back – Recover deleted files Read More »

How much does data recovery cost?

Data recovery cost can vary because the drive failure can be in different tiers. At ClickAway, we charge as low as $199 and do our best to match or beat competitor pricing. Data Recovery Cost – Take Advantage Of Free Diagnostics Many data recovery companies provide a free basic diagnosis to help customers gauge the Read More »

Why is my phone so slow?

The answer to “why is my phone so slow” could be low battery life, poor battery health or full storage capacity. Troubleshoot an Android device – why is my phone so slow If your Android is running slow, chances are the issue can be quickly fixed by clearing out excess data stored in your phone’s cache and Read More »

Why is my phone battery draining so fast?

Most of us spend a large amount of time with our cell phones. The majority of the time we’re scrolling through social media, clicking on pictures and video, making video calls and messing with phone apps. All these activities use processing power, internet connection, location gps data and a whole lot more. The activities, in Read More »

How to get water out of your phone?

Given the hundreds of ways your phone can get wet, it’s good to know what to do to get water out of your phone safely and effectively. It was in your pocket when someone pushed you in the pool. Your phone fell in the toilet. You spilled coffee or beer on your phone. These are Read More »

Why does my phone keep freezing?

Like any computer, a smartphone may sometimes stop responding and leave you asking, “why does my phone keep freezing?” An app or an operating system glitch may prevent your phone from working. A slow or disconnected internet connection can do the same. Troubleshooting – Why does my phone keep freezing There are several reasons why Read More »