How I do a virtual meeting?

Make sure you know how to set up and use webcams or your computer’s camera. Video chat is a good stand-in for in-person meetings. Connect your blue tooth headset and microphone to the computer, or active the in-computer audio features. ClickAway can provide set up and instruction in your home office.

How do I protect myself against Viruses and Malware at Home?

Employees connecting to the office through their home Wi-Fi need to ensure that they have a strong password. We also recommend you avoid using public or unsecured networks. Utilize a VPN, change your passwords into something stronger and turn on multi-factor authentication if you haven’t already. Be more mindful of online hygiene. That means being Read More »

How would I connect with the office?

The first thing remote workers need is a good, fast internet connection which helps with remote collaboration, desktop sharing, online/video meetings, and robust cloud software use such as Adobe Creative Cloud. ClickAway can help check and find options for greater home internet speeds.

What is the best place to setup?

Build a permanent work space. We recommend natural lighting to increase comfort. Likewise, some of our workers prefer standing desks. Others are happy with an ergonomic chair.

Working from home required by your company?

Most companies have an IT department who can help you with your remote access, but they might not be able to come to your house. Ask for reimbursements to utilize ClickAway and keep track of all of your invoices.

We can improve your battery life

Another common problem that laptop owners face is a battery that keeps draining too quickly. Using our remote support service, we can identify what services and components are causing the power drain. We can then consult with you about which of these features of your laptop you need and which can be dispensed with. This Read More »