How to fix usb ports

 If your USB port stops working, it’s not necessary that it’s broken. Below are some solutions that can fix this issue:  How to fix usb ports – Troubleshooting steps Step 1: Restart the PC Restarting the PC is the answer to many problems, and it is a common solutionto USB port problem as well. Step 2: Uninstall USB Read More »

Why does my pc keep disconnecting from wifi?

If your Wi-Fi is working fine but your PC keeps disconnecting from it, then your PC’s network card may not be receiving full power. Windows has a built-in power saver option that gives less power to the network card. You need to disable this feature. How to fix – Why does my pc keep disconnecting from wifi? Go Read More »

Why does my pc keep crashing?

An overheating computer is the most common cause of random crashes. Similarly, ensure you do not have any large items blocking the air vents, as this can also cause the fan to fail and your computer to crash. Another useful tip is to listen to your computer’s fan. Why does my pc keep crashing – RAM or Hard Drive Problems? If your PC only shows manufacturer logo and then crashes right before it was supposed to load Read More »

Why is my pc overheating?

The question “why is my pc overheating?” is asked a lot in our PC repair shops. While most modern computer components can deal with a lot of heat in an efficient manner, overheating still poses a lot of danger for your PC. For anyone who is investing hundreds to thousands of dollars into a computer, Read More »