Is your cloud backup enough 2020?

data backup can help after a fire

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Preventing data loss requires a backup strategy. Many large data loss stories have nothing to do with hackers and subsequent data breeches. Even personal data loss stories have simple beginnings. Backup and recovery is essential. People often learn this only after their data is lost for good. Here are some common data losses ClickAway technicians hear about: Read More »

Prevent Smart Home Hackers

hackers, prevent smart home device access

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Yesterday, the Mercury News reported on an East Bay family’s “5 minutes of sheer terror.” Hackers cracked into the family’s Nest home security camera, sending a warning of an incoming North Korea missile attack. The family didn’t even know their surveillance cameras had speakers. The panicked couple became suspicious but found nothing about a nuclear attack.  This isn’t the Read More »

Are you a digital hoarder in 2020?

digital hoarder clickaway

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My name is Catherine and I’m a digital hoarder A digital hoarder is like any compulsive hoarder, only in cyberspace instead of your home. Researchers at Cambridge now see links between digital hoarders and levels of stress participants reported. If they get to a point where they become overwhelmed by the data that they’ve got, Read More »

How to High Tech Your Halloween

How to put your head in a jar Halloween trick

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Creepy ways to use High Tech for  your Halloween – blog repost Ideas from ClickAway spooksters Pumpkin carving AR stencil If you’ve always been a fan of paint-by-numbers, then try out the Washington Post Classic’s augmented reality carving app that projects a stencil on your gourd when you hold your phone in front of it, making it Read More »