What essential business services can you still get?

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Here at ClickAway, we’ve been told by state authorities we are an essential business and to remain open during the Coronavirus shelter-in-place orders. Home office services such as connectivity and well-functioning computers are essential to our new and expanding remote work force in the Bay Area. Requests have increased for our home cabling, internet improvement and home Read More »

Coronavirus and working from home

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Tools needed for a good office You have your sweatpants on, hand sanitizer ready and snacking your way through emergency rations. You’ve officially joined the ranks of the newly remote workers. But do you have the tools needed for a good home office? Some of our home office recommendations require a significant amount of resources. Read More »

Still time to upgrade to Windows 10

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Rest in peace Windows 7 It’s not too late go from Windows 7 software to a Windows 10 upgrade. Yes, support does end for Windows 7 at the end of January. You can be sure hackers are ready to pounce with viruses and malware and more infections after security updates and fixes stop coming from Read More »

Ho, Ho, Ho, OH NO

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What to do with a computer error message this holiday 2020 There’s nothing more annoying than shopping online for holiday 2020 gifts when you suddenly get a computer error message or it becomes unresponsive and crashes. Whether you’re on an Apple or PC, both can experience issues at the most inopportune time. As a result, Read More »

8 Geeky Gifts

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For The Tech Savvy 2019 When fancy soap doesn’t cut it for your holiday presents in 2019, try giving smarter. Sometimes, that means giving useful services like upgrading a computer and making it seam like brand new again. Other times, it’s fixing things that are perfectly good but need some repair and TLC. We’ve rounded up Read More »

Can You Trust A Computer Repair Shop?

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Finding a reliable and affordable computer repair shop you can trust in the Bay Area can seem like an impossible task. There are lots of options and it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. Fortunately, there are a few things that can help you find a trustworthy computer repair shop for your needs.