Take A Screen Shot on Your Cell Phone

Screen Shot

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Taking a screen shot from your cell phone is a common question we get at our ClickAway stores. Often, it’s someone who wants to capture their airline boarding pass so it’s readily available and accessible in the security line, rather than hoping there’s a signal to retrieve it wirelessly. Others want to capture a map Read More »

How to transfer data between cell phones

cell phone data transfer at ClickAway

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With mobile phone subscriptions outnumbering the world population, cell phones have become as required as the toothbrush.  We could go without them but it would be pretty uncomfortable. Similarly, upgrading to a new one is just as easy, well almost! Contacts, addresses and photos, will transfer fully to the new device ClickAway can assist with an Read More »

Spend less on back-to-school

Back to school laptop repair

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To spend less on back-to-school electronics requires savvy shopping. With electronics on the list of 55% of families with school-aged children, according to a National Retail Federation Survey, affordability is key. If you’re among those planning to buy a computer, tablet or smart phone for your child, you can keep the cost of these purchases Read More »

How to Protect Your Smartphone

protect your smartphone

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It fell in the pool, beer spilled on it, you dropped it down the stairs or your dog grabbed it. At ClickAway we’ve seen it all. You’ve probably seen it all too. So why are you not nothing to protect your smartphone which may have cost $1000 or more? There are several ways to protect Read More »

Don’t Need A Tablet? Think Again.

tablet repair clickaway

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People are no longer carrying around bulky laptops to access emails, type up Word documents and navigate the Internet if they don’t have to. This is the era of the tablet. Consider three key reasons why you might need one. The point of the tablet is to be able to take it everywhere, from the Read More »