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What to do with a computer error message this holiday 2020 There’s nothing more annoying than shopping online for holiday 2020 gifts when you suddenly get a computer error message or it becomes unresponsive and crashes. Whether you’re on an Apple or PC, both can experience issues at the most inopportune time. As a result, Read More »

How To Fix Common Zoom Problems

fix zoom problems

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Zoom is more popular than ever and has become a household name. Be it distance learning, working from home or online socializing, entertainment and fitness, Zoom is not without problems. Bugs and issues can get in the way of your Zoom experience. Luckily, most Zoom problems you can fix yourself. Of course, a ClickAway technician Read More »

Online Parental Controls

online parental controls

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Screen time limits and responsible online behavior are top priorities for most parents managing distance learning today. The Internet is filled with a lot of dark and murky corners, and with kids having more access to the internet, parental controls are more important than ever.

The Truth About Lithium-ion Battery Fires

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Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have transformed portable electronics. They are widely used for a variety of products including smartphones, tablets, small cameras, laptops, e-cigarettes and vapes and electric vehicles. When these batteries malfunction, we are at risk for burns and serious injuries. This week, The National Transportation Safety Board recommended stronger rules to stop some lithium-ion batteries from being taken on international flights.