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Security Camera Installation Near Me

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Professional Video Surveillance, Simplified

VIAAS security & surveillance Is simple, powerful, affordable, reliable. Patented VSaaS and bandwidth shaping Ttechnology. Unlimited cameras, sites and users in ONE account! Let ClickAway technicians complete your security camera installation near me. Our setup is fast and easy.

Security Camera Installation Cost

VIAAS is a complete cloud-based video surveillance solution that captures high quality video images in almost any situation and records to the VIAAS Secure Cloud. The video can be viewed from any web browser or mobile device. An active service plan is required for each camera and starts at $39/camera.

Monitor Unlimited Sites from the Cloud

With no limits on cameras, locations or users, VIAAS allows you to deploy surveillance seamlessly at one or many sites at a pace that meets your needs. There are no channel or cloud data storage limits. Multi-site, multi-user surveillance is managed through a single web-based user interface. Includes cameras, mounts, online video storage Zero-configuration: Just plug the cameras into any broadband Internet connection. View video from any web browser or mobile device

No Software, DVR, NVR or Headaches!

VIAAS Security & Surveillance Uses

  • Prevention/Deterrence
  • Investigation
  • Productivity
  • Compliance
  • Liability Protection
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How it Works

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Unlimited Sites, Cameras, Users - ONE Account!

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security camera installation near me


security cameras for schools

"The hosted service allows me to easily manage and monitor nearly 100 cameras at various schools, protecting our students, staff and property."

James Bonds
Manager of Information Services, Pinelands Regional School District

Protect and Prosecute

"We rely on the secure cloud service with our 300 cameras to keep our residents safe. Our cameras capture video of criminal activity that is handed over to the police for successful prosecution. Our sheriffs department and municipal police now use the hosted service to monitor our cameras."

Jim Harney
Fraud Prevention & Recovery, Housing Authority of Cook County

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