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Remote Support

At ClickAway we recognize these are difficult times and your business needs to be running smoothly either in the office or at home. This is why we offer full remote support for all your office needs. 

Our certified technicians can remote into your systems and take care of most of your computer and network issue without being on-site.


  • Network support
  • Application Support
  • Debugging & patching
  • Server Support
  • Assisting with new hardware setup (printers, scanners, drivers, multi-monitors)
  • Duo – resets (authentication and access)

Home Office:

  • Log-on corp. network configurations
  • Remote access configuration
  • Local printing of corp. documents
  • Assisting with new hardware setup (printers, scanners, drivers, multi-monitors)
  • Video and chatting software support & training
  • Set-up for two-factor/multifactor authentication

How to get started in three easy steps!

  1. Call and set an appointment, we will provide with a 6-digit code you will need to start
  2. Download the app on your computer (link provided on the main page) and enter the code
  3. Now our technician can start working remotely on your system


We require you to be on the phone during the remote session, so we can guide you through the different processes. You need to have a working network connection.
Category: Remote Support

No, during the installation you will be off-line so the technician will not be able to see what is on your computer.

Category: Remote Support

No, you will have to accept the technician’s request to access your computer before they will be able to get started every time.

Category: Remote Support

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