Phone Systems For Business

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Phone Systems - Business VOIP


  • Administrative and retail locations
  • Multiple locations
  • Home offices
  • Remote employees
  • Technical support teams
  • Customer service teams
  • Sales teams
  • After-hours on-call service
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Field service technicians (electricians, plumbers, etc)


Cost-effective, Flexibile & Scalable Phone Systems

  • $49 per month or $499 per year
  • 2 phone numbers included, $3 per additional
  • 3 extensions included, $12 per additional
  • 1.9 cents per minute
  • 2.9 cents per minute inbound toll free


  • Professional appearance for your business
  • Feature rich to make work more efficient
  • Get callers to the right person without frustration
  • Easily scale as your business grows – no servers required
  • A single phone system spanning one or more locations
  • Better voice quality than traditional phone service
  • Cost savings

ClickAway delivers high-quality and feature-rich phone systems for small and medium businesses.  From the one person home office worker to business with multiple physical or virtual locations, telecommuters and teams of road warriors we got you covered. ClickAway Voice phone systems offer big business features and functionality at affordable prices. Our virtual phone system uses the power of the Internet service you already have to provide seamless service delivery.

In partnership with Tidepool Networks, our Voice service plans offer the right price for your size business without compromising functionality and depth of services. Our virtual scalable business PBX service enables your business to start at the size you need now and add stations as you grow, remove them as your business changes shape and size.  With support of up to tens of thousands of extensions your Tidepool Voice solution will grow with you and help you as you grow to better handle both incoming and outgoing call flows.

From the moment a call is received the caller experience is prompt and professional.  Incoming calls can be routed directly to desk sets, mobile phones, automatic attendants, specialized greetings or agent queues. To the caller these answering points appear to be all in within the walls of your company, even if your company has no walls. Whether each call is to be answered by a human operator/agent or auto attendant, ClickAway/Tidepool Voice delivers the features and functionality of expensive high end PBX systems without the high cost of purchase, installation, training and maintenance.